Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John Clark
:   Aberdeen
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6646-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 TVA comprise *

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9 Coronation

Ihis card reads 'A reminder of 22.6. 19 11 ' . The rider was a member ofthe Coranation procession that day. Published by E.M. Middleton, 181 Union Street.

1 0 john Falconer & Co Falconer's was founded by Alexander Falconer in NarrowWynd in 1788, moving to Queen Street in

1 80 1 . It was inherited as Iohn Falconer and Co on his death in 1 828 by three nephews. They moved to 23 Union Street.

In 1 871 his nephew George became sole proprietor, whose san William assumed that position in 1889. In 1871 the business leased the ground floor of the Royal Hotel, part of the existing building at 65 Union Street and purchased the entire whole Royal Building in 1883. Various enlargements added Ladies Outfit-

ting and home furnishings and the staff grew to about 80. The company traded until 1 952 selling everything, from kilts to afternoon teas, wh en the House of Fraser taak over,

keeping the name until 1975. The store has been extensively enlarged and modernized over the years, maintaining over two hundred years of service.





11 Crown Street Post Office The Post office was designed by]. Cumming Wyness and opened by the Postmaster General Sydney Buxton in 1907. It shows the Balmoral influence comman to several buildings of the periad. As an economy measure Sunday deliveries stopped from Ianuary 1909.


12 St.Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral

A sandstane building dating from 1817, the kirk added a chancel in 1 880 and it has been remodelled several times since. Critics have said that it is the best recent work in the city.

It is an austere structure in Craigleith ashlar that is softened by various coats of arms in the aisles. It is recognized as the mother church of the American Episcopal Church as Bishop Seabury of the USA had been consecrated in 1784, in an earlier building. The Seabury memorial stane was laid in 1938 by the American Ambassador Joe Kennedy accompanied by his san, the future President Iohn F. Kennedy.

13 Watt and Grant

Watt and Grant, located at 221 Union Street from 1882, was the foremost fashion store in Aberdeen. It was open from 1 882 until 1 98 1 on the corner of Dee Street.




14 Babbie Law's

1 885 the lady licensee Babbie Law left this spot which still bears her name. Granite workers would drop in to lay the dust whilst carting blocks from Rubislaw quarry to the city centre. A branch of Chivas the grocers can be seen on the left. This 1930's view show more up to date vehicles than that in volume one and one of the new Balesha beacons.

15 George Street

N amed after King George Ill, we can see Watt and Co ironmongers on the right and School Hill on the left. The first electric trams ran from here on 22 December 1898.

16 Palace Hotel

The prominent Palace Hotel, by Union Bridge, was damaged beyond repair by a fire during whieh six staff lost their lives.

It started on 3 I October 1941, in the Grill Room. Final demolition taak plaee in 1 950. The hotel, built in 1 874 for Pratt & Keith, drapers, had been a N orth of Scotland Railway hotel from 1891 and was taken over by the LNER in 1923.A view ofthe exterior ean be found in volume 1. Interiors are far

less comman.


17 Pirie's

Posted in 1908 to London, Mr. Pirie wrote to order 'Varberg Nappe gloves at

2 1 shillings and ni ne pence'. His advertising postcard offers among other goods 'Veilings, Dainty Neck-wear and Golf]erseys'. Mr. Pirie passed away on 7 ]uly 1911 aged 47. His horne had been at 68 Cairnfield Place. He was the san of Thomas Pirie, Newmills, Keith, and had learnt his trade in Glasgow, returning ra Aberdeen about 1900. He taak over the Tartan Warehouse in Union Street and attended closely ra his business rather than public affairs. He left a widow and young san.

Fancy Drapery Warehouse, Union Street, ABERDEEN.


Everythlng Fasl110nable 6: Nice In Gloves, Blouses, BeIts. Vellings. . Dalnty Neek.Wear, Lace Goods, umereuas, Undersklrts,

Golf Jerseys, Hoslery, &C., &e.

W,.lte 0,. ealt on PIRIE. ? ??

1 8 Election Day

The whole of the golden age of posteards, polities were rather different to today. In 1884 two Labour members were eleeted to the Town Couneil and their numbers had ris en to eight by 1919. They did not become the maj ority party until 1945. At a parliamentary level the Liberals were well in eontrol for most of the time eovered by this eolleetion. Not that all eleetions were well supported, only 12 % of the eleetorate voted during the first eleetion for the edueation authority in 1919.



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