Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John Clark
:   Aberdeen
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6646-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 TVA comprise *

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1 9 West Church

The original nave of St. Nicholas was a ruin before 1745 when troops under the Duke of Cumberland stabied their horses in it. The present building was completed in 1755 to a design by Iarnes Gibb.

The card shows the barrelvaulted roof and same of the fine aak furniture. This is the Town Kirk and the venue for civic events with canopied seat for the Lord Provost. The East Church and the tower are a hundred years younger.

20 TeaRoom

Typical of many dining rooms in Aberdeen, this one was the Alexandra Café, llA Market Street. The card was posted in

1 907 to Sergeant Maj or Wo.w Gordon by his niece NeU Hay, who writes that she is working there.

2 1 Regent Quay

The frontage was completed in 1834 with further changes at the turn of the century. Along the quay we can see the Customs Hause built about 1 779 and originally a private house. What changes have been witnessed from this spot! The sm all craft working cargo is the Sentinel.

J 263-6


22 Harbour

Beyond the coal sacks threeAberdeen Steam Navigation Company ships are in view, unfortunately na names can be seen.

The structure ofthe nearest ship makes me believe that she is S.S. Harlaw. She had been built as the Swift in 1911 and was in the Aberdeen company from 1929 to 1946, surviving until 1963 abroad.An 1100-ton vessel, she had earlier survived damage by aircraft off Aberdeen in 1940.

23 Harbour

This is a busy scene at the harbour with timber as the main cargo.

AON 36



24 Fittie Ferry

Harbour ferries, such as this one from Footie to Torry, survived in several ports, including Bristol, well into the 20th century. The Footie ferry was used until the 1 930 s. In the nineteenth century Footdee had a large number of public houses including the Ferry Baat Inn run by Willie Cormack. The local joke was that the pubs never opened because they never closed.



ADlEL~HI SERII:S C. H. "' ?.?.

25 S.S.Intaba

S.S. Intaba was launched in 1 9 1 0 for the ]. 1. Rennie Co. They had been in business since 1849 and ran steamers on the Aberdeen Direct Line from 1 882. Their ships were painted with French grey hulls and yellow funnels, using African tri bal names. The launch was delayed for forty-five minutes wh en the vessel stuck on the slipway. A variety of means were employed to move her. Three steam tugs put lines to her, a hydraulic

i ack was put in place and large numbers ofworkmen ran up and down the deck in unisan to create a tremor in the hull. When

she moved a Miss Byron, a daughter of one of the partners, smashed a carafe of wine on the hull. Intaba was the first vessel constructed by the Isherwood system on the North East

san of Liverpool in 1 9 11 who sold Intaba in 1927. A Burmese company used her until 1943 when she was scrapped in Ghent.

Coast. The ship was built in eight and half months and carried 70 First Class and 60 Second Class passengers to Durban, South Africa. The company was taken over by]. &1. Harri-

Launch of the S.S. "Intaba," 6th Sept., 1910.

targest vesset buill in Abefdeen-Ienglh 401 ft. 4700 toos,

26 S.S.G.Koch

Ihis may appear to be the wreck of a sailing ship but she was actually a Danish steamer, which went aground at Girdleness on 12 Ianuary 1913. Ihe ship had been running out of coal and the crew had started to burn the cargo of pit props wh en she came ashore. Coastguards from Torry and Cove managed to fire lifelines to her to secure a breeches buoy and saved same of the crew. Seven men lost their lives.

27 Sheerlegs, the harbour Designed to lift heavy loads, more than one set of sheerlegs has been used in Aberdeen harbour. This set was made in 1910 to assist with construction and fitting out ofs.s. Intaba, which will be found elsewhere. The sailing craft

and sm all steamer are typical of this periad.

28 Mitchel's

A trade directory of 19051 906 shows an Andrew Mitchel and Co as Wholesale Fish Merchants on the North esplanade. We assume that this is his family business and note the smart collars and ties and the N ewfoundland dog.

A.IIIIT~HSLI;rc'. 'IS lIEJiillWm'


AlmHELL Ci--Y-






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