Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John Clark
:   Aberdeen
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6646-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 TVA comprise *

Délai de livraison: 2-3 jours ouvrables (sous réserve). La couverture peut être différente de celle présentée sur l'illustration.


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29 Earl of Aberdeen

The Earl of Aberdeen was typical of the vessels owned by the Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co Ltd. She was built by Hall Russell in 1 889 and was a 210 feet long electrically illuminated craft. The open bridge offered little proteetion to the helmsman. The card dates from about 1910 when the First Class fare to London, on this 36-hour voyage, was one pound ten shillings. The same company's Highlander maintained the service until the 1930's but the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company Ltd offered a passenger service to London until 1948.

3 0 Footie Channel

Fitty, Footdee, Fittie or Footie has had a variety of ways of spelling its name but always retains its own strang character. Early in the nineteenth century a planned village was built araund N orth and South with Pilot Square added later. These pravided modest homes for the fishing community with sheds in the centre offering space to rep air nets and other land-based tasks. Alterations over the years have created a unique 'regulated disorder' .

3 1 H.M.S. Clyde

A 14 gun training ship was a familiar sight in the harbom far many years. A display of cannons and cutlasses was a tourist attraction. A Fifth Rate frigate, the Clyde, was built about 1 820 and served in Aberdeen from September

1870 until Iune I904.A number of cards exist in two farms with Clyde removed to make the cards appear mare modern.

32 Columbia

This card was posted on 20 Iune 1905 and shows the steam trawler A300 'Columbia' ashore at Aberdeen. Columbia was a 183-ton vessel built by Hall, Russell & Co in 1901. She was 108 feet lang with a triple expansion steam engine. She appears to have survived this grounding whilst in the service of the Eastern Steam Fishing Co Ltd.

Steam Trawler" Columbia " ashore of! Aberdeen

3 3 Morning work

Most cards of fishwives show smiling faces, SUfprising wh en you consider wh at hard work was involved.

.fiberèJeen )Vrarket. "}r1orning Work."

J. R. R. E.

34 Loading potatoes Published by C. Raeburn & Co (Kerrs) Seed and Potato Merehants of Banff wh en the population was so small that their telephone number was Banff 49. These are identified as early potatoes for London and The Argentine. The boxes are marked Arran Cairn. Ir must have been a red-letter day wh en potatoes were sent to South Ameriea from wh ere the erop originated.


35 S.S.Argosy

The Argosy, a smaU steamer, only 406 tons, was involved in an accident on 17 Ianuary 1912. She was on her way from London, wh en her Master, Captain Peterson, attempted to enter Aberdeen Harbour during a storm. Her steering gear failed just as she neared the harbour entrance and the crew were helpless as she came ashore on the beach. 500 people hauled the Aberdeen lifeboat to the beach. This was a pulling or rowing baat named Bon Accord and she was successfully launched and the Argosy's crew was taken to safety. Unlike the S.S.

Koch, the Argosy was on sand and it was possible to salvage her in due course.


w. H. e co, Lo.

3 6 Bucksburn

The card appears to date from immediately after the war, with a new Land Rover in view. The Clydesdale and North ofScotland Bank is now simply the Clydesdale Bank in the same building. The Aberdeen Savings Bank building has gone.

3 7 Cow on the beaeh

This postcard reads that the photograph was taken on llnd Iune 1932 and continues 'One ofthe novelties of Aberdeen. This great bull is very tarne and takes visitors for a ride on the seafront' .

38 Ballroom

The Ballroom was designed byThomas Roberts and Hume and won architectural prizes. The dance hall, shops and other facilities were constructed from 1927 at a cost of over ßO,OOO.

The Dance Hall and Promenade, Aberdeen .

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