Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John Clark
:   Aberdeen
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6646-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 TVA comprise *

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69 Leadside Street

Leadside Street was laid out on part of the Gilcomston property. The name refers to the lade or stream which ran from Gilcamston dam to the Gilcamston Mills at the top of Jack's Brae. It was drained and filled about 1 907. This is one of the oldest granite-built streets.

Lendslde Rond, Aberdeen

R. G.].

70Short Loanings

Loaning is a country raad, it is a long time since this part of the city was in the country. Nearby, Craigie Loanings is an other raad, which us es the same name. This view shows fore stairs, which were once very much a part of Scottish architecture but are now rarely seen. In

1 861 the Census showed that 345 of all Scottish dwellings had only one raam and 37% had two raoms. Many would have been of this appearance.

In Short Loanlnfs, Aberdeen

R. G.].

7 1 Westburn Road Westburn Raad on a quiet day with one figure wandering down the middle ofthe raad.

72 GreatWestern Place

In our hectic age we find it surprising that a scene with such little activity was considering worth recording. It is dear that cards of smaller streets were produced in only modest quantities compared with Union Street and so forth.

Oreat Western Ptace, Aberdeen

73 Tivoli Tonics 1934-

The Tivoli Theatre, originally Her Majesty's, in Guild Street, na langer provides an entertainment such as this. Dave Willis first came to farne in 1 92 5 leading the fun at shows called the Tivoli Tonics, which remained the title of the Spring Show for many years. Willis was a 'Master of unrelated nonsense' radiating go ad humour. Others saw hirn as Scotland's Charlie Chaplin

with the stamp of comic genius, who practised good clean comedy. He retired from theatricallife in 195 1 , apart from a brief come back in 1 956.

nave lIIllllls' .. TIvoli Tonle.s" 1934

74 Mannofield Church Aberdeen had harsedrawn trams but these were replaced by electric trams from 1 899, the Mannofield route changing in 1902. Originally open-topped, the trams were largely covered over by 1909. Ihis obviously converted tram is seen in front of Mannofield Church, which at the time this was posted in 1918 there were few houses beyond it. The church replaced a wooden building and seats 700 but wh en it opened on 30 ]uly 1883 there were only 92 communicants. Ihe West window is dedicated to Miss Gardon, who died in

1892. Ihe wooden church was used in other sites befare being demolished in 1969.

Published by E. GROUNDWATI:R

Maßßofleld Parlsb Cburcb, Aberdeea

75 Beaconsfield Place Typical of the West End feud out by the City of Aberdeen Land Association. Critics have said that only the building materials distinguish such hornes from property of similar date elsewhere in Britain.

7 6 Dermaline Road

Many cards were produced in small quantities, such as this one posted by Mrs. Skinner at No. 4 to Mrs. Tough, School Raad Old Aberdeen in 1904.

7 7 Distillery fire

There have been several distilleries in Aberdeen including the Narth ofScotland Distillery that was destroyed by fire in 1904. Over 88,000 gallons of whisky, valued at one shilling and six pence per gallon, was lost and total damage was estimated at

f., 10 8 ,000. The distillery in Hardgate belonged to Daluaine- Talisker Distilleries Ltd. and burned far over twelve hours. It is believed that a warkman accidentally started the fire whilst trying to rep air a barrel. Soon a blazing stream of spirit pomed from the bonded warehouse down to the Ferry Hill Burn and

the city sewage system. The scene was described as a perfect inferno with the spirituous flames almost free of smoke, belching farth with ever increasing fmy. Leaping from the

ground 'as from a huge Christmas pudding ... the flames swirled and twisted with lightning like rapidity into the most extraardinary farms imaginable'.

7 8 Brig 0' Balgownie

A winter view ofthis ancient arch shows the bleak setting when this was the only route north from Aberdeen. It was built at a leisurely pace about 1320 and has been repaired and modified several times since. Ir has reverted to its original use as a footbridge.

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