Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

Aberdeen in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John Clark
:   Aberdeen
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6646-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 TVA comprise *

Délai de livraison: 2-3 jours ouvrables (sous réserve). La couverture peut être différente de celle présentée sur l'illustration.


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79 Stoneywood Paper Mill Iames Moir set up a paper mill in the Stoneywood estate, which he already owned, in 1770.A year later it was controlled by Alexander Smith and his son-in-law Patriek Pirie. Alexander Pirie, a grandson, developed the mill over a flfty - year periad, introducing watermarks; continuous production and white paper made from rags. This aerial view has been taken well befere 1992 when the company merged with Wiggins Ieape and Co. Other mills on the Don include Donside and Mogiemass.


80 Salt fish

This card shows the process of curing white fish. The fish were gutted, lightly salted then winddried. The dried fish were bundled like straw and used as cattle feed or fish meal.

8 1 Bridge of Dee

Looking south from the Bridge ofDee, this card was posted in 1917. There are just a few houses at the foot of the bridge and the Railway Bridge is visible in the distance. This wellknown bridge dates from 1520, but is has been repaired and widened over the years. It is largely granite with sandstone used far detailed wark.

82 King George Bridge

King George VI Bridge was opened on 10 March 1941 by the King himself. Ir shows rusticated granite blocks to a Sir Frank Mears design.

83 Convent of the Sacred Heart In 1895 Rev. Mother Stuart and Rev. Mother Digby visited Aberdeen with a view to founding a convent for their order, the Society of the Sacred Heart. These nuns later gave their name to the highly regarded Digby-Stuart teachers training college in Roehampton in Surrey. They purchased a house called Westwood in Queens Cross, seen in this early postcard. On 13 Ianuary

1 896 a Convent day school opened with six pupils.

84 Convent of the Sacred Hoort The Convent school has continued to expand, purchasing neighbouring properties and offering a variety of courses. For many years there was a boarding school but it was closed in 1 97 1 . The Golden Jubilee Yearbook of 1945 quotes a former pupil on 'the lack of solitude is a necessary privation in a boarding school and helps to train us ra subordinate our tastes and interest to the general good, and to live in harmony with ethers'. Such sentiments seem very aid fashioned today.

85 Kings College air view

In 1495 Bishop Elphinstone asked Pope Alexander VI to establish a university in Old Aberdeen. The Bull, the formal document approving this, is still in the university achieves. This quickly became known as Kings College. In 1860 the college merged with the younger Marischell College to form the University of Aberdeen.

8 6 Kings College tower

A set ofbells dated 1519 were installed in the tower, which was probably completed shartly afterwards. It was rebuilt in 1636. In the chapel the choir stalls decarations include the marguerite in honour of the king's wife, Margaret Tudar. Margaret, sister of King Henry VII of England, farms the link that enables the current Royal family to be able to claim decent from King Alfred. The unusual crown to the tower was constructed at the same time as the similar structure on St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Aberdeen in 1812

87 Kings College wind ow The window, described as showing 'flamboyant mouchettes and massive central mullions ' may have been influenced by foreign designs. Work on the chapel began in 1500 and reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Christianity at that period blending overseas influences with local craftsmanshi p.

88 Student

In 1904 students were still required to deposit f., 1 if they wished ra borrow books from the University library. Ihis young man appears prosperous, but in the peri ad from the 1860's to the 1880's undernourishment was considered commonplace among students.


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