Abergele in old picture postcards

Abergele in old picture postcards

:   Mr. E. Wynne Williams
:   Abergele
:   Conwy
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2268-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. Brynffynnon Corner, November 1900. The archway spans the narrows between Brynffynnon House on the right and Bedford Cottages on the right. It was this narrow and acute bend that started the argument between the Abergele Urban Council and the Duchess of Dundonald. The Council wished to remove some of the front gardens on the left to widen the road. In the background is Ty Mawr garden and orchard.

20. Penisa'rdre in November 1900. On the right are the old houses ofPenisa'rdre leading up to the Nelson Vaults. Opposite is the Tanyard where a century and more ago leather was manufactured giving employment to some forty people. Nowadays it is engaged in sorting and drying wool for transmission to English factories and in the semi processing of pelts for tanning, 80% of which are exported to Italy and Spain, In the background, centre, are the three houses of Bank Buildings, so called because it was there that the North and South Wales bank opened in Abergele in 1863.

21. London House, November 1900. This is one of the pre-1861 buildings in Market Street. The shop of L. Sutton had been but reeent1y built on land that was onee a part of the old George Inn.


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22. Market Street, November 1900. The foreground, left, shows part of the premises where the Post Office functioned from 1891-1906, one half a Post Office and the other half a shop. Mr. Fletcher had hoped to run the Post Office at Brynffynnon, but the tradesmen of the Main Street compelled him to make an Office out of four separate pre mises which comprised the Royal Oak Inn, Wilkes Roberts the town crier's shoe shop, a grocery and a private house. Next door, between the Harp Inn and the Post Office, was the Cross Keys Inn.

23. Sea Road Corner, November 1900. Beyond the gas lamp on the right was the beginning of Sea Road. This gas lamp was one of the two originals in Abergele in 1865. The house on the right, Roche House, was named after a Mr. Elliot who came from 'Rochda1e'. lts original name had been New Vork Cottage, because John Jones, its builder, had spent some time in New Vork.

24. The National School - 1900. As seen from the Bee Field, now the car park, but once the centre for outdoor activities such as athletics, and football and the annual visitations of circusses, menageries and funfairs. The School was donated by Bamford Hesketh of Gwrych Cast1e in 1869 to the designs of Edward Street A.R.A. It had originally Boys' and Girls' and Infants' Departments. Until 1938 it was an all age School and afterwards a Primary and Infants School until the Infants left for new premises in 1956 and the Juniors in 1972. It is now a Community centre.

25. Llanddulas Raad, Abergele. Nearly one mile along this road going west out of the town, there is a milestone embedded near the base of the park wall stating eleven miles Conwy, Abergele one mile. It was the only direct road westward. A nineteenth century turnpike raad, it was controlled by the Toll Gate at the town end of Sea Road, opposite Roche House. (Vide No. 23.)

26. Chapel Street, November 1900 - looking north. Aptly named, this street in 1860 contained three chapels. On the left is the entrance to the Old Mynydd Seion Chapel founded in 1791. Next to the chapel was the chapel stable and then Rose Cottage. The small building beyend the telegraph pole was a Baptist Chapel until 1863, when it was occupied by the Mormons, converts of Capt. Dan Jones, once of Tan yr Ogo, Abergele.

27. Chapel Street -Looking south- 1897(c). This photograph was taken by the celebrated John Thomas (1838-1905), Artiste Photographer, LiverpooI, who had been bom of humble parents in Cardiganshire, Three thousand of his choice negatives are treasured in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, The left foreground is now the back entry to the Post Office and the shop that of Iones and Son, Iewellers, who supplied the 100 guineas presentation sword to Lord Dundonald in November 1900.


28. New York Terraee. New Vork Terrace on the right, like Roche House on the left, had been built by John Jones befare 1861. There were seven cottages in the Terrace and ten in New Vork Street which ran at an angle to the terrace beginning at the first house in the picture.

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