Aldeburgh in old picture postcards

Aldeburgh in old picture postcards

:   Carol Somerset
:   Aldeburgh
:   Suffolk
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5624-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. Photograph taken in 1910. Pleasure sailing now predominated on the river. These large yaehts raeed against eaeh other, owned by rieh men and erewed by paid hands who turned to fishing during the winter months.

60. By 1920 more, but smaller boats were being sailed by Ie ss wealthy people. AIde 15 footers and a Whitewing.

61. About the turn of the century the fishermen's syndicate purchased six derelict trawlers for breaking up. In an exceptionally high tide the 'Iona' floated on to the saltings and with added superstructure and the necessary facilities was used for many years as a holiday home. She was made famous by the children's story 'Orlando's Seaside Holiday'. But by 1975 she had become unsafe and this well-loved landmark was deliberately destroyed by fire.

62. The Martello Tower, built in 1810-1812, the most northerly and one of the largest coastal defences against Napoleonic invasion. ft has been used as a gun-site, as a signal station and as a private residence. This Victorian print shows it surrounded by grass and standing weil back from the sea which now threatens it.

63. A winter walk on a lovely day 1900.

64. Winter weather is not aiways calrn and sunny. This is the North Lookout in a gale.

65. Many of the shoals off the Suffolk coast dry right out and have nasty se as running over them if there is anything of a swell. The first lightship was plaeed on the Shipwash sands in 1837. Every year the Aldeburgh lifeboat used to take out the erew's Christmas dinner, a gift from the town. But now the lightship is automatic.

66. The wreek of the 'Rarnbler' . On 24 October 1882 the schooner was seen to be in difficulties and, before the lifeboat could reach her through a very rough sea and southwesterly gale, she struck the outer shoal. Her crew were forced to seek refuge in the rigging. One of these, a young lad, was swept away but the other four we re saved.

67. Dominating the sands and guiding the mariner into the safe haven at Orford is the lighthouse standing in lonely grandeur upon the shingle ness. The first one was built in 1603.

68. Before the days of telecommunications there were sixteen coastguards based on AIdeburgh, keeping an eye out for smugglers or shipwrecks. If a ship ran aground near the shore the Roeket Platoon would fire a line out to the crew so that they could be hauled safely through the breakers.

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