Armadale in old picture postcards

Armadale in old picture postcards

:   William F. Hendrie
:   Armadale
:   Lothian, West
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1155-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49 This broad areh spanned the foot of Aeademy Street during a 1920s Gala. Notiee the dormer window in the roof of the Buekshead Tavern on the right in West Main Street. Mr. Maleolm Mallace, who beeame president of the Armadale Public House Society Ltd., was barn in one of the pub's attie bedrooms. Behind the Buekshead ean be seen the front gate of the Parish Chureh.

50 Police Constabie Frank Law stands guard in front of this Armadale home, which was elaborately decorated for the town's Gala Day in june 1933. Annadale's first policeman Thomas Wood was appointed in 1 85 7, the year after Sir Robert Peel's Act of Parliament, which resulted in the new enforcer of the law being nicknamed 0 PeeIer or Bobby. He replaced the tewn's originally elected Baton Man, so called because his symbol of office was a large staff bearing the initials VR below a royal crown and the words 'Linlithgow County' . As the Baton Man was local blacksrnith Thomas Forsyth, he was no doubt a well-respected

figure. The tewn's second police constable was William Roberston, who gained the respect of the Armadale folk from the way in which he dealt with the annual invasion of Irish farm labourers, who

had in the past of ten caused trouble as they passed through to seek casual work onlocal farms. In this 193 Os picture ether law abiding local folk include on the extreme left [ohn MacAllister

and third from the right Joe Kerr.

5 1 As well as decorated arches and house frontages, Armadale Gala also always featured decorated floats, which were a colourful feature of the procession. At first as in this picture, they were horsedrawn carts. Even the wheels were adorned with paper flowers, painstakingly made by the hundreds of wamen and girls of the town. One of the boys also sports a floral

buttom hole and a fresh white hankie in the top pocket ofhis jacket. Even on this the most important day of the year in the town, however, he is still wearing his 'tackitty' boots, his grey flannel school shorts, school shirt and cap.

52 Even the tewn's refuge bucket cart, used to empty the rubbish bins on other days of the year, was cleaned out and pressed into service to carry children in the Gala Day procession. Although more sparsely decorated than the previous float, it has a prize certificate displayed on the front.

53 Gala Day floats were still horse-drawn when this photograph was taken in

1 92 5. This horse and cart belonged to Armadale Co-eperative Society Ltd. and was pictured in East Main Street. The castellated battlements of the tower ofthe Miners Institute can be seen on the left.

54 In the Gala Day procession the young Queen also travelled in state in an open horse-drawn landau. Behind her on foot followed the Queen of the Flower Girls and her retinue. From the cover wrapped round the coachrnan's legs and the wet surf ace of the street, the weather seems to have been far from summery.

55 The Gala Queen's horsedrawn carriage was replaced by a car atthis 193 Os Gala, but her school boy Champion still rode his horse. The then recently built new Council houses can be seen in the background. Armadale Town Council applied under the

1 9 1 9 Housing Scotland Act to borrow money to improve the houses in the town. The first of the new homes con-

sisted of 158 briek-built two-, three- and four-bedroomed houses in Barbauchlaw Avenue, Greig Crescent and Wood Terrace. Each house had its own garden with a grass drying green fitted with clothes poles.

56 The sun shone for this Gala Queen, who was driven to her coronation by Mr. [ohn Smart. Her two page boys hitched a convenient lift on the running boards of the open topped tourer.

57 In the 193 Os sorne decorated Gala floats also became motorised as shown by this lorry with its West Lothian SX 3139 number plate, but it is still followed up the brae in South Street by another float pulled by a horse. Notiee the police constable with bis cap and gleaming buttoned navy tunie, with bis identity number on his shoulder. Probably Annadale's most famous son, Sir Hugh Robertson, the famous choir master. conductor and arranger of traditional Scottish songs, lived in the little single-storey slate-roofed cottage on the left, with its exceptionally high chimney pot.

58 This other colourfully decorated float, pictured at the top of the hill in South Street, also had a West Lothian registration plate. lts prize certificate is displayed on top of the radiator. The two large buildings on the right are still standing, but the rest have long been demolished.

59 Benzie of Bathgate taak this photograph of the Armadale Gala Day Queen in her open top car. She is accornpanied in the car by her two wee page boys with their velvet feathered bonnets and on foot by the twelve spear carrying boys of her royal escort in their scarlet tights and green tabards and pixie like hats. The driver wears a white peaked naval style cap. The photograph was taken in the school playground in Academy Street.

60 Britannia ruled the streets of Armadale from the deck of this decorated float at Armadale Gala and was accompanied by her crew of white uniforrned boy sailors. Two of the young sailor lads were lucky enough to get a hurl on the lorry, which was loaned for the big day by the local colliery company.

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