Armadale in old picture postcards

Armadale in old picture postcards

:   William F. Hendrie
:   Armadale
:   Lothian, West
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1155-3
:   80
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71 While Annadale's summers in past decades always brought the Gala Day and the Infirmary Day Parade, so winter meant it was time for the Parish Church Sale of Work in aid of the manse and church hall fund. Here the accu pier of the manse, the minister, the Rev. Mr. MacPherson, posed with members ofhis congregation, who helped staff what is described in the picture as the general stall.

72 Dark winter nights in Armadale in the 1920s were enlivened by the rehearsals and performances of the Armadale Drama Club. Here the bevvigged and costumed cast of the 1 92 5 production of Oliver Goldsmith's fameus comedy 'She Stoops Ta Conquor' , formed a group for photographer R. Thomson. Andrew Graham of South Park sits on the left, with Fergus Notman next to hirn.

73 Arrnadale's children as well as its adults enjoyed taking part in plays in these days before television usurped home-made entertainment. Here the local school children are seen taking part in a juvenile musical entertainment described as a 'kinderspiel'. The large cast of the show is seen pictured outside the front of the old primary school in Academy Street befare the First World War. The gentleman in the centre was probaly Mr. Shearer, who was Headmaster of the Public School at this time. With the coming of hostilities in 1914, the German word 'kinderspiel' went out of fashion! It is interesting to note the vast array

of ingenious costurnes which the Armadale mothers had devised for this grand production.

74 Townsend, the wellknown Bathgate photographer, rook this picture of these smartly-uniformedArmada1e members of the Red Cross during the First World War. In the back row, third from the right, is loca1 school teacher Miss McGarrity. In the middle row, second from the left, is Mrs. N. Notman, third right is Mrs. Kinghorn and on the extreme right is Mrs. McLean.

75 This photograph of Armadale dignitaries was taken at the official inauguration of the tewn's sewage treatment works.

76 This 1930s picture postcard shows the long low lines of stone-built, slate-roofed miners' rows, which were erected on the outskirts of Armadale at Woodend Village. While from the outside the rows alilooked the same, the rniners' wives taak great pride in their hornes and vied with each other to give the inside of their little tworoomed homes a distinct personality of their own, with rows of'wally dugs' and other china chimney piece ornaments lining the wooden mantle shelves above the

open coal fires. Notice toa the immaculate white-washed front steps. The motor cyde and side car, parked on the right-hand side of the street,

appears to have belonged to the photographer who taak this picture.

77 From the industrial to the rural, another picture postcard from the same set, shows the same motorbike and side car in the middle of the avenue at Bridgecastle, but this time the photographer used them as a centre of interest along with uniformed laddies making their way home from school and the dog which he also persuaded to appear in his photo. Bridgecastle later became a hotel with a popular restaurant in its cellars, but it has now been flatted and turned into attractive private homes.

BridgecastIe Avenue, Armadale.

78 Although mainly an industrial town, Armadale has always also had its local beauty spots. Here in the carefree days ofthe 1920s, three local school girls happiIy tucked the skirts of their dresses into their kniekers to enjoy the freedom ofpaddling in the waters of the Barbauclilaw Burn on a warm sunny, summer day.

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