Barry in old picture postcards

Barry in old picture postcards

:   Tom Clemett
:   Glamorgan, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1256-7
:   80
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9 Professor Lloyds Shooting Saloon is on the top of Thompson Street. The brake loaded with passengers is on its way from Barry to the Square. On the right of the photo is Masters, outfitters, with a child in an ornate pram waiting outside. On the opposite corner is Michaelsons, pawnbrokers.

BARRY DOCK~. Holton Roed.

10 Barry Accident and Surgical Hospital opened in 1 908. The hospital was built with a south-facing verandah with opening windows ra allow patients who were recovering from surgery there, to enjoy the sea breezes and ra watch tennis and bowls matches taking place in Central Park. In the First World War it played a major role in treating wounded servicemen.

11 Another hospital whieh eared for wounded servieemen was at St. John's Chureh on Barry lsland, run by the nurses of the Voluntary Aid Detaehment. Nearly 4,000 bed patients and over 3,000 outpatients were treated there. lts superintendent was Mrs. Pardoe with Drs. Budge and Rees in attendanee.

12 Royal Victoria Jubilee Nursing Home, Woodland Raad, built with contributions from the residents of Barry to mark the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Opened in 1 899, it was extended in 1904. It became a nurses' residential home on the opening of Barry Accident Hospital, which was later converted into a maternity hospital and is now an adult training and residential centre.

13 The new public offices for Barry Urban District Council were opened by W]. Williams,].P. on Wednesday, llndApril1908. The photo shows the staff waiting outside for the official opening, together with photographers and curious onlookers.

14 Town Hall, Library and King Square in the early 1950's. There were telephone kiosks outside the Town Hall and floodlights fitted along the front of the building to illuminate it at night. In those days the Borough Council were proud of the Town Hall and liked to show it off ra its many admirers.

15 Barry Dock Hotel opened in 1891 as Culleys Hotel and Restaurant, with free drinks for all customers. The hotel was extended twice in its lifetime by the addition of further rooms. The sidebar used by seamen and dockers was known the world over as the 'Chain Locker' and was immortalised by Alexander Cordell in his baak 'Rogues March'. The building was demolished in 1983 and Phillipa Freeth Court was built there.

16 Thompson Street was named after a director of the Barry Railway Co. and was reputed to be Barry's answer to Cardiff's Tiger Bay. It was the home of the Sailors' Rest, Liberal, Coronation and RAOB Clubs. There were many cafés and restaurants in the street. As trade at the docks declined many of the buildings fell into disrepair and in the 1970's the street was demolished, destroying a community.

17 Thompson Street from the Dock View Raad. The building on the right of the photo is Lloyds Bank showing its impressive frontage. On the opposite side of the street are Freedrnan's and Hopkin Bros., bath maritime outfitters and clothiers vying for trade. Further up the street is a shop owned by Foscola's, a well-known Barry family, with a hand cart parked outside.

1.'hompson Street, Barry Docks.

18 Broad Street with the Theatre Royal in the background which was built in 1910 and which offered the public variety, comedy, drama and picture shows. It was used by local amatem dramatic companies to stage their productions. The roof garden on the side of the theatre was to enable patrons to enj oy refreshments between acts. The theatre's musical director was Victor Sylvester, later to be known worldwide for his Ballroom Orchestra.

.Broad Sireet. lJarry 'j)ocks, showinç e:heafre.

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