Barry in old picture postcards

Barry in old picture postcards

:   Tom Clemett
:   Glamorgan, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1256-7
:   80
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39 High Street School was built in 1888 wh en Walkers School in Queen Street became toa small for the number of pupils wanting to attend. When built it was known as the Barry School and its first headmaster was Mr. Whitehouse. It catered for 468 boys, 180 infants and 68 temporary pupils.

40 High Street from Trinity Street in 1912. Children are seen outside Griffiths sweet shop and tobacconist; Maynes ironmongery sign is hanging outside No. 109.A bread van is crossing East Street wh ere Woodhams greengrocers and fishmongers shop is open for business

41 Gorsedd stones at the top of Romilly Park, also known as The Druids Cirde. It was erected in the 1920's when the Eisteddfad came to Barry for the first time; over the years same of the stanes have been removed. The row of hauses in the phota are those of the Grove.

42 Romilly Park in the 1920's with the bandstand on the far left. The layout of the park has just been completed with flower beds, stone steps and small retaining walls. A very young monkey puzzle tree is in the centre of the flower bed.

43 Romilly Park, containing over 23 acres, was purchased by Barry Urban District Council at a figure less than its true value from the Romilly Estate in 1 898. The shell from the First World War in the foreground was removed for its scrap value prior ra the Second World War, as was the tank situated in the triangle at the entrance ra the park.

44 Tennis Courts in the park in 1932. The monkey puzzle tree has grown in height and a lot of the trees that surrounded the outside of the park have been cut down ra all ow for further housing development. The Romilly Estate placed a restrictive covenant on the felling of the trees in the park.

45 Aerial view of Porthkerry Park showing the viaduct and Porthkerry

House. A number of the properties in the photo have since been demolished or modernised out of recognition.

46 This path leads from Porthkerry village through the gate and under the viaduet to the beaeh. The viaduet eonsists of 1 6 arehes in total; these vary in height from 45 feet to 50 feet, the total height of the strueture is over 1 00 feet.

:Porthkerry :Park, Sarry

47 Steam train emerging from the tunnel on what was the Vale of Glamorgan Railway. The line, although closed to ordinary passenger traffk, is still used to allow trains to carry coal to Aberthaw Power Station and the 125 London-toSwansea Express to continue to operate when main line working is halted for maintenance.

48 Work on the viaduct started in 1894 and was completed in 1897. In that year it closed owing to the partial collapse of one of its piers. Ir was re-opened in Ianuary 1898. Whilst it was closed a loop line was built araund the park ra all ow the carriage of coal to take still place. The photo was taken in 1923, wh en cattie and sheep were allowed ra raam freely.

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