Barry in old picture postcards

Barry in old picture postcards

:   Tom Clemett
:   Glamorgan, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1256-7
:   80
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49 Porthkerry Church

(St. Curig's), built in the 13 th century, contains stained glass windows dedicated ra the Savours family of Rhoase. In 1927 an organ was installed in memory of the nine men of the village who fell in the First World War; their names are inscribed on a brass plaque fitted to the side of the instrument. The lych gate at the entrance to the church is also dedicated to their memory.

SO St. Nicholas Raad is named after the church which was formerly the parish church of Barry. In the background Bethel Baptist Church, built in 1903. Turning on the right of the photo is Canon Street.

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51 Cold Knap in 1924 was completely undeveloped, having only a few buildings erected upon it. At the re ar of the photo in the centre are the Knap Hotel, Luens café and tea rooms, together with a small number of other properties. The large building is the White House (now demolished).

52 Knap pool, opened in 192 7, was built by unemployed workmen who were paid with vouchers valued 10/- for a week's work; these vouchers could be exchanged at local shops. The picture shows the pool at its opening with ladders placed against the side to enable swimmers to climb out. The ladders were anchored in place by a 56 lb weight ried ra foot.

53 The pool in the early 1950's. On the fight the Knap Hotel which was demolished to enable Sea Point flats ra be built on the site. In the background Bindles Ballroom which closedin the 1980's and Glan-y-MorYMCA Residential Hostel, which opened in 1932 and was demolished ra enable the building of houses on the site.

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54 The pool in the 1950's showing the diving boards in the background and behind them the swimming clubhouse, the first aid hut and the old snack bar. Same days groups of shivering youngsters gripping hot drinks with bath hands and trying ra stop the contents from slapping over could be seen outside. These buildings were demolished when a new entrance block and The Snacpac were built.

55 Knap Hotel, owned and run by Mrs. Luen, is the large building in a sea oftents belanging ra variaus scout groups who were given permission to hold their annual camp on the site. In the centre of the tents is Sid Luen's tea rooms.

56 Watchtower Bay showing the Breakwater, which over the years has been lowered in height by sand drifting in from the Channel and building up around its base. In the 1950's the Bristol Channel Swimming Race, an annual event organised by Barry Swimming Club, was held in the Bay.

57 A rowing regatta is taking pi ace in the Old Harbour and Watchtower Bay. Barry Rowing Club, one of the oldest sparting clubs in Barry, regularly ran them there. Cold Knap Farm and the White House built by Sir William Graham are in the background. The hause has been demolished and White House development has taken its place.

58 In 190 1 a portion of the beach was set aside by the Windsor Estate as a children's play area. In this photo there are only children playing there. Sand dunes are clearly visible in the background, showing that the beach had not been developed when this picture was taken.

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