Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4540-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. BarweIl Council School. The parade of monitors and prefects of the class of January 1926 - each almost fit to burst with pride! Notice the knee length soeks of the boys and the high boots of both girls and boys, particularly the girl seated on the far right! The lad on the left seems to have a pocket fuIl of marbles!


20. The Mill. Situated where Mil! Street now stands, off Hinckley Road. There were similar mills in Earl Shilton and Hinckley.

21. A soiree on the Reetory lawn in 1923. Members of the parish community enjoying a costume party, Japanese style - shades of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Mikado'. Tom Lucas, now a County and Borough Councillor, appears as a very young man - far right at the back.

22. Queen Street. This photograph does not bear a date but given the attire of the people in the procession and the flag it could weH be the peace celebrations of 1918. People walked the streets crying 'Kaiser Bill's beaten'!

23. Barwell National School. The class of 1902 with their attentive teachers. The school was situated on High Street. The five boys at the front left look a real set of 'bruisers'!

24. Barwell Cricket Club with their trophies as the South Leicestershire Cricket League Champions for 1920. Back row, left to right: B. Gamer, D. Herbert, G. We lis and A. Hincks. Middle row, standing, lefttoright: E. Garner, W. White, E. Harvey, J. Garrett, A. Priestnell, H. Gamer, H. Wilde, W. Arguile , E. Moore, W. Arguile and T. Moulds. Middle row, seated, left to right: P. Harvey, G. Breward, T. Pearson, G. Taylor, G. Ward (Capt), W. Gilliver, A. Gilliver, J. Green, A. Lord and W. Swingler. Seated front, left to right: Fred Smith, A. Adcock, Frank Smith and H. Geary.

25. Barwell's Reetory . An imposing residence with ivy clad walls. The occupiers for a great many years were the Titley family who seem, on the evidence of this photograph, to have been keen gardeners, huge cacti being grown in garden tubs.

26. Barwell Manor House, 1927. The Manor stood on the site now occupied by Harvey House, the elderly persons home. Adjacent to the Parish Church, it was for many generations the home of the Powers family and Tom Powers and his wife are pictured at the doorway. Mr. Powers was an inveterate collector and old buildings never ceased to fascinate him. He would aften return from the sales with a piece of masonry belonging to some old hall. The house was lined with oak panelling and Mr. Powers built up an impressive library. The house was erected about 1750 and was greatly renovated just after the First World War. It was demolished in August of 1965 when the last person to live in the house was a Mr. Ted Chaplin . The house had its own barn. The Powers family were large landowners and farmers. There is still a piece of land known today as 'Jackie Powers' corner'.

27. A Barwell vineyard. Proving that the Freneh do not have a monopoly on the eultivation of grapes! This was the glasshouse of Arthur Geary, a loeal florist and fruiterer. He was attempting to grow heavy erops of fully matured grapes.

28. Dedication service, Barwel! Parish Church, 1905. The church had a good deal of restoration work completed on it and thus a dedication service was held on 29th J une 1905 to which the clergy processed from the rectory. The wal! still stands but the headstones have disappeared.

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