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Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4540-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2-3 weken (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


Fragmenten uit het boek 'Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1'

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59. New Street. This is in an area of the town known as 'New Shilton' in contrast to 'OId Shilton' which is the central area. It is a wad of factories and houses. Some of the factories' names were once very familiar: Marvins, Watts and Vest y's.

60. High Street about 1918. Some of the oldest brick housing in the village is to be found on High Street and these are typical of their kind. Further along High Street towards Hili Top or Barn End are some impressive Georgian buildings.

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61. Post Office, High Street about 1916. The village Post Office had several premises and this one on High Street will he familiar to older residents. In the distance can he made out the façade of the Independent Chapel (1824) which is unique in the locality for standing in its own burial ground. Notice the cobbled paving on the left.

62. Wood Street in 1918. Sometimes known Iocally as Wood End. The stretch of raad that is Hinckley Raad, Wood Street, the Hollow and the High Street farm part of the old Hinckley to Leicester tumpike. There were tumpike gates near to the present Belle Vue Raad and at the bottom of Shîlton Hill at the other end of the town. The raad surface was onee mueh lower than it is today and was deeply rutted from the traffic on the tumpike. People were specially employed to place large stones on the raad to be wom in to prevent the raad from becoming a quagmire.



63. High Street in the 1920's. View looking towards the Hollow and Wood Streel. A three wheeler can be seen making its way down the Hill and acyclist has his coat tails flapping in the wind as he hurtles along. Near to where this photograph was taken there existed a piece of mud wall that is reputed to have been the oldest piece of wall in the locality.

64. High Street about 1910. Taken just after the point where the Hollow becomes High Street. These thatched cottages have unfortunately disappeared to be replaced by more modern buildings. The sweep of the houses has remained the same, particularly the railings on the raised pavement in the distance. The large pole on the house denotes a barber's business. The pavement is of the 'petrified kidney' type and adds character to the frontage. The Daubers Pool on Keats Lane used to supply clay for the chimney stacks on the old thatched roofs.

65. Wood Street on Treats Day 1922. The Wesleyan Chapel in the background plays host to members of the Non-Conformist community for the Annual Treats Day, a day of celebrating for the chapels and their Sunday Schools. The war memorial is to the right of the picture.

66. Earl Shilton Church of England Infants School. This shows the first year 'babies' class of 1921 and most of the pupiIs can be identified. Front row, left to right: unknown, Willie Smith, Norman Fray, Ernest Bonsor, Marjorie Wright and Doris Startin. Second row, left to right: Owen Wright, Nancy Chesterton, Alwyn Lucas, unknown, Frank Mason, Willie Coley and Gordon Burdett. The headmistress, Miss Richardson, can be seen opening a window. Owen Wright was killed in a motor cycle accident in 1933.

67. Station Road grocery shop. The corner shop, so typical of its age, in 1905, stood at the junction of Station Road and Equity Road. It still stands today, although the entrance has been bricked up.

68. Young scholars. Earl Shilton School, Church of England, class 8, 1910. The children are smartly tumed out, some of the boys even wearing button holes. It would be interesting to know if any of these children are alive today. Elsie Marvin, the tall girl in the centre, lived in Hinckley Road until her death there in 1985 aged 84.

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