Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

Barwell and Earl Shilton in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4540-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. A smartly dressed young lady. Portrait photographs were very much the vogue in the early years of this century and were usually taken to mark a special occasion such as coming of age.

70. Earl Shilton's answer to Beau Brummell The length of the boy's hair at the back says something about changing fashions! The Non-Conformist 'Sermons' each year were an opportunity for children to be bought a new set of clothes and for some it was the only opportunity. He certainly doesn't seem to be lacking in confidence!

71. The village wedding of 1905. A well-dressed bride and groom with bridesmaids, best man and bride's father. Weddings have changed very little save for the fact that with money often so short, honeymoons were less common than they are today. A couple of days in Leicester was as much as most people allowed themselves.

72. The Mansion. This house is known simply as the Mansion and was built in the 1820's or 1830's. It is still standing and is certainly one of Earl Shilton's architectural eccentricities with nothing quite like it in the locality.

73. Earl Shilton Adult School. Although this picture looks older than it is, it shows the foundations for the Adult School in High Street being dug, just after the First World War. The school itself started as the 'Early Sunday Moming Classes' at the unearthly hour of7 .30 a.m. - with the aim of teaching adults to read and write, The school also involved itself in benevolent activities, had a good choir and sponsored a Savings Bank.

74. Little Angel. This young lady in 1904 looks as though she is dressed for a nativity play, complete with angel's wings and angeiic ringlets! Window boxes were a favourite form of gardening where no garden existed aithough many people did later work on the allotments all over the town.

75. The start of the Earl Shilton Summer Entertainment Season for 1905 and the pianist plonks away! The lady on the right isn't particularly interested but the gentleman on the left is obviously tapping his foot 'in time' to the music. This is clearly some sort of school Open Day with the pupils entertaining their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

76. And here is the audience at the same event! They are obviously enraptured. Look carefully at them and you will see a cross section of the people of Earl Shilton 81 years ago. Young or oId, rich or poor - they are all here. The lemonade and glasses on the table on the Ieft are being zealously guarded!

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