Bembridge in old picture postcards

Bembridge in old picture postcards

:   Martin Woodward
:   Bembridge
:   Isle of Wight
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5147-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. H.M. torpedo boat 059 ashore on Sharpus Rocks. This postcard, taken on 16th December 1908, shows the HMTB 059 hard aground on Sharpus Rocks, Bembridge Ledge. The lifeboat went out and stood by the vessel until the tide receded, and the following day the coxswain and second coxswain, in their own boat, rescued two of the salvage men who had been blown out to sea in a dinghy. For this, they received a letter of thanks from the Admiralty, and the stranded ship was eventually pulled off the ledge after being ashore for a total ofthree days.

70. The Attrill brothers. This well-known local fishing farnily featured prominently in the lifeboat service of Bernbridge. Pictured here are Walter ('Johnny') Attrill on the left, and Fred ('Teddy') Attrill on the right, photographed with the rernains of their fishing baat in which they rescued the crew of the wrecked schooner 'Romola', ashore on Bernbridge Ledge in 1912. Their father , Edrnund 'Joey' Attrill, was coxswain of the locallifeboat between 1878 and 1905, and bath sans pictured here served under hirn in the crew, as did his third son George.

71. Making pots at Forelands . A typical shot of making traditional 'withy' pots for eatehing shellfish. An art in itself, the loeal fishermen taak eonsiderable pride in the eonstruetion of these pots, whieh varied in size aeeording to whether they were used for lobster and erab, or prawn and shrimp. The 'withies' we re gathered from loeal beds under the cliffs, and here George, and Walter 'Johnny' Attrill, ean be seen adding the shaped stones used to weigh the pots down.

72. The 'Empress Queen' aground on Bembridge Ledge 1916. This very rare photograph shows the ex-Isle of Man passenger paddle steamer stuck hard ashore on the ledge in February 1916. The vessel was being used as a Government Transport ship at the time of her Ioss, and had 110 men aboard. She went ashore during a thiek fog and a eonsiderable swell, and sent signals of distress, which we re answered by the Bembridge lifeboat, under coxswain John Holbrook. The lifeboat made four successive trips to the wreek, bringing ashore all of the people aboard, and also a dog and cat, despite being driven onto the rocks and damaged on the third trip. Coxswain Holbrook received the RNLI Silver Medal for this service. The 'Empress Queen' subsequently broke up, and her remains can still be seen at very low tide offForelands.


73. The 'Langham' lifeboat. In 1922, the RNLI decided th at the time had come for the old sailing and pulling lifeboat at Bembridge to be replaced by a power driven lifeboat. This obviously necessitated great changes to the station, and a pier some 250 yards long had to be built out over the ledges to enable the new boat to launch down a slipway into de ep water. This photograph shows the launching ceremony in 1922, and the Bernbridge Station was then considered so much more efficient, with a hugely extended range, that the pulling lifeboat at Brighstone was considered redundant and the station closed. This was followed some years later by the dos ure of the Brooke Station.

74. The 'Langham' lifeboat. A fine view of the 'Langham' under sail in the 1920s. John Holbrook, coxswain since the retirement of Joey Attrill in 1905, was eventually succeeded by Harry Gawn in late 1923, a short time after the new 'Langham' lifeboat came into service. Coxswain Gawn then served until 1946, when Bert Baker, then second coxswain, took over. The 'Langham' was eventually replaced with the twin screw Iifeboat 'Jesse Lumh' in 1939.

75. Bembridge football team 1932. Some well-known faces feature in this photograph of the very successfullocal football team during the early 1900s. In the bank row are (left to right): Jack Humphray, Doug Williams and 'Gozo' Edmunds. Middle row (left to right): Eddie Luff', Charlie Holbrook, Ted Jones and Stan Nightingale. And front row (left to right): Hector Humphray, Alan Holbrook, Frank Crockford, Reg Colton and Dick Watson.

76. Bembridge Church of England Primary School. This photograph, taken at the turn of the century, shows many of the children from local families that are still very familiar names in the village today. The village school continued in use until recent years, when the two new schools were built at Walls Road and Steyne Raad. The old school building has since become the Library and Day Centre.

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