Brentwood in old picture postcards volume 2

Brentwood in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Frank D. Simpson
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4794-1
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. This is a reproduetion of a painting depicting Nos. 36 and 38 High Street, and the onee famous Chequers Hotel showing its old plastered front; right is the oid ehapel. Many will remember the shop at the left as Cramphom's Corn and Seed Store: the house next was Cullens groeery for many years before becoming Menee Smith's hardware store. Unfortunately the picture is undated, but is eonsidered about 1845-1850.

10. A postcard taken from the north-west corner of the former Odeon Cinema. To the left is the end of the Lion and Lamb Hotel, next are two very old properties 59 and 61 High Street, a butchers and confectioners shop, and right is MacFisheries new prernises, a name now no longer with us which replaced the old fish shop of Mr. French and BardweIl's china and glass shop.

11. An early postcard of the Lion and Lamb Hotel as it was about ninety years ago, of a very uninspired design the hideous notices do nothing to improve its appearance.

; '1.

12. A late 1920's postcard of the last subject now considerably improved in appearance after refronting and general modernisation. The sign of The Chequers is visible on the light and the tall gabled building in the centre is Sainsbury's new provision store: see also plate 1119, also newly erected.

13. Readers will find this location difficult of identification: it shows a former nursery ground located to the rear of Barclays Bank and the adjoining shops, viewed looking towards the villas in North Road Avenue: the two houses facing the camera are in Chestnut Grove: much of this land was built over with the new Territorial Army Drill Hall.

WILDISH 2; SON, g~~o~~:r~ Caterers,

58 & 79, High Street, BRENTWOOO.

Dinners, Teas, & Light QeYreshments. Large or smalI.

Parties catered for. Estabtished LS80.

14. 58 High Street as it appeared in an advertisement dated 1908 when it was Wildish's bakery and pastrycooks: they also traded from 77 and 79 on the other side of the street as grocery and domestic stores. By 1920 the shop was in the hands of D. W. Cullen before passing to Norrish's who transferred the business to a new restaurant a few doors lower down. It was then oecupied by the Sun Stores, a cut price packet grocery. Notice the extensive use of china letters affixed to the glass windows, a now vanished form of advertising.

15. These premises lay next to those in the last plate, which comprises a chemists (H.A. Clarke) previously Hodgson & Son: next is Harridges, newsagent and tobacconist for many years: between comes the narrow entry into South Street, originally Chapmans Alley. Right are 64 and 66 as occupied by Boon, baker, and Lewis's, butchers, and th en Norrish's new premises, later acquired by Hodges.

16. An excellent pen and ink sketch showing the rear of 60 and 62 High Street as seen from South Street: unfortunately neither artist nor date are known, but probably about 1900. There has been much redevelopment of late in the South Street area.

17. Middle High Street looking west about 85 years ago, which continues on from plate 13 when nos. 68 and 70 were in the occupation of George Yull whose family were plumbers for over a century, and George Aldridge who was the last saddler and harness marker in the town, who latterly turned to dealing in cycles.

18. The rear of the farmer George and Dragon Inn from a lithograph by Bamford of 1891. Notice the very narrow entry through to the High Street. The three storey property on the left was pulled down shartly after this was sketched to improve the very narrow entry into Crown Street; the next portion became the Dragon Boot Store of Dacombe, later Vi dIer the outfitter .

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