Brightlingsea in old picture postcards

Brightlingsea in old picture postcards

:   A.L. Wakeling
:   Brightlingsea
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2520-8
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Coastquard Station, Br;gntlings~a.

19. Brightlingsea Coastguard Station in Backwaterside Lane, off Brightlingsea High Street. Here, in addition to hornes for the coastguards, an armoury was established. The coastguard service at the latter end of the nineteenth century provided, as the name indicates, proteetion of the coast against invasion from the sea. Assistance was also given in shipwrecks and the members played a large part in the prevention of smuggling on a large scale. They also helped in the training of the local Royal Naval Reserve which operated at the Battery Station on St. Osyth Stone. At the outbreak of the 1914-1918 War the coastguard personnel were called up for duty and on the cessation of hostilities the station closed. The row of houses are now dwellings for retired Salvation Army officers. In earlier days the coastguards were accommodated in the cottages in Sydney Street, opposite the gasworks.

Thc Creek, Brlghtlingsea. :

20. Night is faling over Brightlingsea Creek and the ferryrnen's boats, tethered to the Causeway and each other, are at rest. But while there are passengers about there are ferrymen to row them 'over the other side' - to St. Osyth Stone and East Mersea shore.



21. Work on a Royal Naval Reserve Station on St. Osyth Stone commenced in June, 1891, and continued throughout the following year and into 1893. Initially the Battery mounted a single gun weighing six and a half tons which was taken to its site by road from Brightlingsea rail station when plans to float it across the creek proved unfeasible. A 4.7 gun was added in 1900. In March, 1906, the Station was closed, a decision having been made to train the Reservists afioat only. A farewell exhibition and entertainment, given by R.N.R. men and friends, was well attended, the resultant profits being divided between the Merchant Searnen's Orphanage and the Essex and Colchester hospital, The adjacent Martello Tower was built in 1808.

22. Thursday and the shop is shut for 'early closing', From 1894 to 1903 the general stores at 125 Tower Street, Brightlingsea, was the livelihood of Miss Sarah Jane Root. The ladder against the front of Southern Cross Villas pre-supposes the workmen have gone off to lunch. And Tower Street at the turn of the century quietly slumbers in the afternoon sunshine.

23. Station Road, Brightlingsea. The terrace of six cottages here, each with its individual front garden, was known locally as Sparrow Row. These dwellings no longer exist having been replaced with a single-bleek tenement appropriately named Sparrow House. lts neighbour (left) is the Railway Hotel. The adjacent cottages and out buildings were demolished in 1912, the land becoming the site of the new Empire Theatre. Nearby, leading to Brightlingsea's railway station, was Gandergoose Green.

· .

Victoria Place, Brightling ea

C<>pyriç:bt ~erles 01 Lee-er-eet, 8rightlings6:l

24. Victoria Place, Brightlingsea, before the building of the Post Office on the corner of Queen Street in 1905. The building at the centre of the picture is the New Church schoolroom, erected in 1876.

25. The early morning sun casts shadows in pre-World War One Sydney Street, Brightlingsea, as Postman George Trubshoe makes the day's first mail deliveries. At number 104 Arthur Eade is baking the day's bread continuing the daily practice of his predecessor Albert John Pearmain.

26. The Swan Hotel, in Brightlingsea's High Street, built late in the sixteenth century. With cross-wings at the east and west ends, there is a seventeenth century addition on the north side. Inside the building are some original moulded beams. This view was taken in 1905,just after the house had been completely renovated.

Hurst Green. Bnghtlingsea.


27. Hurst Green, Brightlingsea. The derivation of Hurst is said locally to be hearse, from its triangular shape. It may be noted that the English archers at Crecy were drawn-up in the form of ahearse' i.e, in a triangu1ar formation. Hurst Green seems not to have suffered much from encroachment over the years though in more recent times some land has been taken from it on the west side and at the south west corner. For many years, before the coming of the Recreation Ground, Hurst Green was the venue for local football matches. And a baseball match between teams from the USA cruiser 'Chattanooga' then lying in the Colne, was staged at Hurst Green in 1919. In 1739 a Dancing Master owned and lived in a cottage called Chickens or the Chicken House on the west side of Hurst Green - now numbers 11, 12 and 13.

Church Hill, Brightlingsea

28. The road into Brightlingsea climbing Church Hili circa 1905. Ahead looms the Parish Church of All Saints - the 'marmers church on the hili'.

Blest Landmark to the sailor homeward bound, I Dear sign of home, where love and ioy are found; I How sweet to think that safety o'er the sea / His vessel once again in port shall be; I How sweet to think that once again his step I Shall pass his threshold, and with lip to lip, I His greetings cheer the lonely waiting heart, I From whose embrace, he found it hard to part.

Thy tow'ring farm from age to age has wrougbt, I The peaceful joy that many a heart has sought; I Years have rolled on in centuries o'er thy head, I Unchanged alone thou art amid the dead. I Beneatn thy quiet shadows lie at rest, I Those, who wave-toss'd thro' life, thy farm have blest.

Thy massive height, how like those truths sublime, I That 'neath thy walls have rung from far-gone time; I Severe, yet lovely, old, yet ever new, / Peacegiving and all beautiful to view.

A.E.R. - 1875.

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