Burnham-on-Crouch in old picture postcards volume 1

Burnham-on-Crouch in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Betty Perren
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3102-5
:   88
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39. This picture of the Quay looking eastward shows the gardens of The Lawn on the 1eft and the Eastern Yacht Club in the midd1e background. This club later ama1gamated with the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club under the latter's burgee. The Royal Corinthian stayed in the building until their new clubhouse was erected in 1931. The building in the 1eft background is Newell Petticrow's Beatyard.


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40. The coastguard quarters on the hulk 'Kangaroo', which came to Burnham in 1872 and was broken up c. 1890. She lay off the site of the present Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. After complaints about overcrowding aboard, houses were built for the coastguards in Silver Road, while the headquarters were moved to a hut on the seawall (see number 41). The 'Kangaroo' was one of a series of coastguard hulks stationed along the Essex coast, another of which was Darwin's 'Beagle', moored for a time off Paglesham in the River Roach, a tributary of the Crouch which joins the main river on the south side below Burnham.

41. The coastguard station which replaced the 'Kangaroo' consisted of a boathouse with a launching ramp. The more distant building is the Eastern Yacht Club, back view. Note the children on the hard. Creeksea is to be seen in the distance, marked by trees.

42. A pleasure boat is weighing anchor from the Town Hard while another appears to be about to unload at the Town Steps. The bandstand is in the middle distance. These pleasure boats also took provisions to the isolated island community of Foulness. Among the owners were Yardley and Co., Harvey Brothers ('Favourite' and 'Water Lily') and Jubal Hawkes ('Volunteer').

Burnham-on-Crouch from Rlver.

43. This view of Burnham from the River Crouch is one familiar to literally thousands of yachtsmen and others with business on the water. It is much the same today, with additional baat sheds put up as baat building yards prospered.

44. East Coast One Designs racing on the Crouch c. 1930. Nine of these beautifu1 boats were built in 1913 and one in 1938. All ten were racing in the 1970s and celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of the c1ass in 1973.

45. A group of sailing people in 1932 going down the Royal Corinthian Hard to the launch which would put them aboard their boats. Jo Joy, later Jo Heriot, third from the 1eft, was a notabie he1mswoman in 12 square metre Sharpies. Her sister, Vivienne Williams, with her husband owned an East Coast One Design, as did Bill Ste. Croix. On the right is Teddy Turner.

46. A crowded start at Pile House during a Burnham Week c. 1930. The first Burnham Week was in 1892 and, apart from the war years, has been an annua1 event. For many years it has been a major sailing occasion, second only to Cowes Week, bringing severa1 thousand people to the small town.

47. The western end of the Quay. The building on the left was originally built as a sail loft for Sadler's but was never used for that purpose as it was taken over by the Crouch Yacht Club which, until then, had been based on the 'Day Dream' at Fambridge, up the river.


~ _ ..?. --_._-,'

48. The Burnham Yacht Club, showing foreshore and club hard. The club opened in 1895 and obtained the Royal prefix in 1927. The vessel on the right, 'Jumbo', is a paddle steamer. It was one of two such vessels used primarily as oyster dredgers.

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