Cambuslang in old picture postcards

Cambuslang in old picture postcards

:   Ian L. Cormack
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2884-1
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. Sir Thomas Lipton (I850-1931) of Johnstone Villa, Cam buslang, opened his first provisions shop in 1876 at Stobcross Street, G1asgow, whence soon a chain of shops covered the area of Glasgow and suburbs and spread eventually over the whole United Kingdom. He was knighted in 1898 and made a baronet in 1902, having been made a Knight Commander of the Victorian Order in 1901. He was renowned for his charities and his repeated attempts to win the America's Yachting Cup.

70. 'Match Jamie' (Jarnes Murdiston) lived in a little house at Kirkhill and was Cambuslang's only village character and worthy for many years, attaining his half century in 1910. He earned his livelihood by selling matches from door to door, with his basket over his arm. He was for long a friendly and familiar figure in the streets and would undertake any kind of chore as an obligement.

71. William Robertson was the last preeentor at the ├╝ld Parish Church and he succeeded to the appointment in 1875. Preeentors had to undergo an examination by a musie professor and their duties were to lead the congregation in singing, with the help of a tuning fork. This continued until 1896 when a pipe organ ('kist 0' whistles') was introduced and an organist and choirmaster took over.

72. A view of the musical worthies of the Cambuslang Baptist Church Band, taken in the late 1890's. The big drum is inscribed 'Cambuslang Baptist Church Evangelistic Band', with John McBride seen to the right of it, and this summed up the zest and inspiration for the Baptist cause in Cambuslang on appropriate occasions.

73. A scene at the S.B. (Scottish Burghs) Elections taken in Greenlees Road ab out 1900 and showing the railings of Cambuslang Public School (1882), probably used for polling, On the opposite side of the road stands St. Bride's Roman Catholic church, opened in 1878. A friendly political argument seems to be ensuing and the billposter is weIl equipped to help the 'right' candidate to win by covering the area with relevant posters.

74. The opening of Cambuslang Ex-Servicemen's Bowling Club and Green took plaee in May 1930 with the usual erowds in attendanee. William Seott was President and Alex. Craigie, tobaeeonist, was Vice-President and Mrs. William Seott is pictured throwing the first jack of the season, with Alex. Craigie standing by, Later the club beeame known as the Whitefield Bowling and Reereation Club.

75. Cambuslang Bowling Club, which is situated in West Coats Road with an entrance also off Wellshot Drive, was instituted in 1874, and is one of the oldest in the area. The group of bowlers pictured in the view appear to be having a friendly argument, but no doubt this was all part of the game and would make someone's dayl

76. A photograph of pupils at West Coats School taken in 1926 and showing the houses of West Coats Road in the background. The school was built by the Cambuslang School Board in 1890 to cater for the needs of the new housing being built in the area. The Higher Grade building was added in 1910 to accommodate 380 pupils at a cost of t7,SOO, with the Education Department of the County Council providing t600 as a general aid grant.

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