Chalfont St. Peter in old picture postcards volume 2

Chalfont St. Peter in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Audrey Wheelband
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4787-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. 'The Greyhound Inn', which for a short while was an hotel, is a very old coaching inn, having had associations with the infamous Judge Jeffreys. Note the stables (since gone) which housed the coach horses overnight in the days of the stage coach. William Crane is pictured here with his horse and carriage, doing duty at a wedding reception after the First WorldWar.

20. The old 'Rose and Crown', with William Crane taking a brakeload to Ascot in about 1900. Mr. Crane was the licensee at that time. He also brought themail daily from Chalfont St. Giles. This building was pulled down in 1903 and a new one built in 1904.


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21. The end of Chalfont St. Peter village where the road goes on to Aylesbury. The new 'Rose and Crown', built in 1904 to replace the old one, is pictured left. The four cottages next to the public house are Mill Cottages; the Mill Farm and Mill were just to the re ar . All the property on both sides of the road was pulled down when the bypass was built between 1955 and 1960.

22. The HilI Farm, off Joiners Lane. Part of this building dates back to the 14th century and part to the 15th century. Around the 1900s Harry Miles lived here and bred pheasants, for which he was well-known over a wide area. Subsequently, Harry Wheeler farmed the property's 9V2 acres for some years. Later it became a private residence. A cherry orchard occupied part of the grounds. All this has been destroyed and over 100 houses now stand here. Members of the Chiltern Society dismantled one of the barns, which has been carefully re-erected at the Chiltern Open Air Museum, a few miles away at Newland Park.

23. A very early photograph showing David Brown senior, then a young man, working at his forge situated in the village at the entrance to Joiners Lane. Before the arrival of the motor car, several blacksmiths were fully employed here shoeing harses. In 1938 the forge collapsed. Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their four children are all now dead.

24. Brown's Forge, near "The Greyhound Inn', pictured after its collapse in 1938. Immediately Ieft, at back, are the blacksmiths Robert and David Brown junior.

25. Sally Lane, pictured outside her cottage in Rickmansworth Lane, with her husband and one of her thirteen children, making the famous Buckinghamshire lace on what was called a 'pillow'. This lace was made by many of the village women, often farm labourers' wives, in order to augment the low wages. So many women at that time, as in Sally Lane's case, had large families. This was long before the welfare state came into being.

26. Sally Lane lived in the far end of these three cottages. Just beyond is part of 'The Waggon & Horses' . The small white building beyond is an old toll house. The road leads to the village in the middle distance and, nearest camera, continues on the right to Aylesbury, our county town. The cottages and the toll house no longer remain.

27. This photograph was taken in Monument Lane in about 1900. On the left Walter Elderfield, on the right George Rance. These young lads had just eamed their fust week's wage and with it they had each purchased a puppy. Monument Lane is now completely built up.

28. The entrance to the grounds of the National Society for Epileptics, for many years known as 'The Colony'. The 'Passmore Edwards' home, the founder of the Society in 1894, is pictured at the end of the drive in the distance. Subsequently, much more ground has been purchased and more homes built. This centre provides an excellent service for those in need of treatment.

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