Chalfont St. Peter in old picture postcards volume 2

Chalfont St. Peter in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Audrey Wheelband
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4787-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. One of the many homes at the Chalfont Colony, now known as the National Society for Epileptics, catering for both men and women. While receiving treatment they learn various trades and crafts. There are several farms on the estate.

30. The men's section at The Colony. This is the 'Admiral Hood' home, one of several added after 1918 commemorating famous servicemen.

31. Newland Park house and gardens in the Hom Hill area of Chalfont St. Peter in about 1911. During the beginning of this century this was the residence of the Harben family, who were benefactors to this Hom Hill hamlet. They gave the villagers their village hall and built a model farm and farm cottages. This is now the property of the Buckinghamshire County Council and is an adult training college, with additional buildings adjacent to the main house.

32. This paved garden on the Newland Park estate leads to one of the lodges (see picture 33), the residence of the head gardener, G.F. Munnings, in 1907. During the Second World War a London insurance company was evacuated to part of the Park. Later it was used as a teachers' training college and is now an adult training college.

33. One of the lodges to Newland Park in Gorelands Lane, taken in about 1926. Standing by the entrance gate are Phyll and Fred Whitman. Mrs. Whitman, now Mrs. Phyll Wood, kindly provided the cards of Newland Park used in this baak. Her grandfather, G.F. Munnings, lived at this lodge in 1907, when he was head gardener at Newland Park. This is also the entrance to the adult training college and to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, which occupies over 90 acres of the Park.

34. This path leads to one ofthe lodges at Newland Park, onee the residence of G.F. Munnings. His garden, pictured here, overlooks the Park. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fountain are pictured on the garden beneh. Ben Fountain was on the large staff for many years until his retirement. He was of big stature but well capable of performing 'The Broom Dance' with speed and agilityl

35. Another part of the beautiful gardens at Newland Park. The Park is large and, at one point, reaehes the Hertfordshire border. The Chiltern Open Air Museum, in part of the Park, has rebuilt old farm and other interesting historie buildings from the Chiltern area which would otherwise have been destroyed, It attracts many visitors from a wide area throughout the summer months.

36. "The Dumb Bell', an old public house standing at the far end of Hom HilI in Riekmansworth Lane, which leads to the Hertfordshire towns of Rickmansworth and Watford.

37. Our first fire engine. It was purchased by public subscription of Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St. Peter inhabitants following a disastrous fire in Gerrards Cross in 1914. A voluntary fire brigade was then formed and carried out excellent work until the National Fire Service took its place.

38. The River Misbourne. Here it has just passed through the village, which can be seen in the distance. To the right, where poplar trees stand, was the Swan Farm Rickyard. The rear of 'The George' is to the right, with the farm just out of sight. Ta the left, by the bridge, is an island covered with willow trees. This was a pleasant spot for children to paddle in the summer and catch minnows, using a bent pin on a bamboo cane. Now the area is built up and the raad over the bridge, leading to a private estate, is called Chiltern HilI. It still remains a publicfootpath to Denham Lane. The postmark on this card is 1905.

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