Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Norman Watson
:   Dundee
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6404-7
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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89 We now look over Albert Square towards the High School of Dundee. Early in the 13th century Earl Gilbert, Bishop of Brechin, granted the abbot and monks of Lindores perrnission to establish a school in Dundee. Famous early pupils of the school were the Scottish patriot Sir William Wallace and the 16th-century historian Hector Boece, who became the first principal of Aberdeen University:

90 Dundee's David Small (1846-1927) is again the artist for this romanticised ├╝ilette of Mains Castle. The castle was completed in 1582 and came into the possession of jute baron Sir [ames Caird in 1912. Although Sir [ames died soon after, the restoration of the castle was cornpleted by his sister Mrs. Marryat, and it was she who opened Caird Park to the public that year.

91 This fine Valentine's study of Castle Court probably dates from the 187 Os, though in postcard form it was retailed by R. H. Lundie of Reform Street weil into the 20th century. Nestling under the spire of St. Paul's Cathedral, this view of Castle Court provides an insight into typical housing conditions endured by Dundee's Victorian working class - and the type of'housing heavily criticised by Dundee Social Unien's ground-breaking report into the city's health and sanitary conditions in 1905.

eastle (JOUr!, Dundee

92 How imposing Dundee Royal Infirmary must have looked when it was newly constructed in the 185 Os. Hemmed in by buildings on three sides today and now close to closure, the DRI in Barrack Raad was originally a replacement for the former city hospital in King Street.

93 One wonders what environmental health officers today would make ofthis scene! But in Edwardian Dundee the city's shopkeepers proudly displayed their wares - and were happy to pose for the pioneering postcard photograp her. On display here, along with the high dass ham, is Wm Grant & Son of the West Port.

94 The Frigate Unicorn, today berthed in Victoria Doek, is one of the oldest ships afloat in the world and a sparkling jewel in Dundee's tourism crown. Here the ship is lit up in honour of the Coronation of 1953. This postcard, issued by the Unicorn Preservation Society, was published when the ship was known as HMS Cressy

95 In another card from the series we see the upper deck inside the ship. Looking aft we see the capstan and the ship's wheel. The Unieern's distinctive waoden roof was added in 1 873 when she was brought to Dundee. The Unicarn was launched at Chatharn in 1 824.

96 The roof of the Old Town House provides the perfect position to view the heart of old Dundee. The Nethergate goes off to the left, below the spire of St. Paul's Church. In the middle distance, in shadow,

Thorter Row goes off to the right. And on the right the much-loved old Overgate is glimpsed. With the to- and fro-ing of the trams and huge advertising boardings isn't there just a hint of Piccadilly Circus?

97 The Vault was an ancient lane which was situated west of the Town House. It took its name from an old gateway to St. Clement's kirkyard which formerly opened to the harbOUT. There were several old houses in farmer times which were considered of great civic importance. One of them, an oak-panelled mansion with a fine staircase, was the town house of the Lords of Strathmartine.

98 By the late] 820s Dundee had only two terraeed developments of note, one in King Street and one in Tay Street. Then Windsor Street, seen here, was laid out in the finest Georgian traditions, providing a fine panorama over the estuary to Fife. Windsar Street marked the western edge of the town when it was built. Today, it is virtually part of the city centre!

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