Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Norman Watson
:   Dundee
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6404-7
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29 It is the baast - or threat - of the present Rector of Dundee High School that the last pupil of the school to be beheaded was the Scottish patriot SirWilliam Wallace! Punishments today are less drastic at a school which does much to add colour and energy to lunchtime Dundee. The principal school building, seen here, dates from 1834.

30 The historie Courier building, on the site of the old post office, was designed in 1 902 and built of red Dumfries sandstone over four years. It is home to D.e. Thomson and Co, who publish a wide rang of newspapers and periodlcals. Meadowside, in front of the building, was previously occupied by an assortment of retail sheds and booths.

31 This card, posted in August 1908, marks a briefvisit to the city of QueenAlexandra and her daughter Princess Victoria. After spending the summer at Balmoral the Queen joined the RoyalYacht Victoria and Albert at Dundee. She was seen off by a full turn-out of civic dignitaries and thousands of members of the public - with the only paparazzi present being our pioneering postcard photographer.

The Queea's Visit to Dundee, August, 1908

32. We now see the Queen's party from the opposite side of the harbour. Note the advertising haardings far left, which have been carefully curtained off to proteet delicate royal eyes!


Queen's VlSit to Dundëe . .::....Her Mäjesty stepping on board Pinnace

33 In Edwardian times, as now, Dundee Flower Show was a great event on the city's social calendar. The show was traditionally held on Magdalen Green, as shown on this eard from 1905, and was normally opened by the Countess of Strathmore. Visitors would arrive by cab at the large tents ereeted on the park. Dundee Flower Show, as popular as ever, is now held at Camperdown Park.


34 King George V and Queen Mary visited Dundee in the summer of 1914.After arriving by train they toured the city in an open carriage, being greeted by large crowds along the way. This view shows the royal carriage passing down the richly-decorated Whitehall Street. 'This is a postcard for your album,' says the sender. How right he was!

35 We now see large crowds watching the royal progress down Commercial Street. In the background [ohn Thomson's bar advertises Allsopp's Pale Ale and Watsoa's Whisky. Although Watson's bonded warehouse was in Dundee, whisky wasn't distilled in the city.

36 Here, schoolchildren in their Sunday best gather in AIbert Square in readiness to march to the Esplanade to see off the royal visitors. By his stern look and soldier-like demeanour we can safely assume that the gentleman in the foreground is a teacher! All the children were given commemorative gifts to mark the occasion. Where are they now?

37 When the royal party arrived at the Keiller's factory in me centre ofDundee (now the Forum shopping centre) it was met by the sight and scent of specially created floral tributes and a banner proclaiming 'Keiller's Offer Loyal Greetings' .

38 Soldiers recuperate outside a First World War convalescent home at Magdalen Green, on this war-time postcard. When trains carrying wounded soldiers began arriving from the Front, such homes were quickly established and staffed by volunteers.

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