Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Norman Watson
:   Dundee
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6404-7
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49 One of Dundee's busiest suburbs is StobsweIl. It was here in the early 20th century that fine new tenements were built to rehouse the city's slum dwellers. In the interwar period alone, Dundee Corporation built 8,374 new houses. Morgan Academy already existed, of course. When, in 1863, it was decided to build the school, it was thought the maximum number of pupils would be 100!

50 A huge turn-out greeted a surprise visit by Sir james Ritchie, Lord Mayor of London, to Duridee in Iuly 1904. It was, said the Dundee Advertiser, 'the first Lord Mayor's show in Dundee'. Two months later Sir [ames was created an honorary Dundee bonnetmaker.

51 This undated but unusual advertising card from the

192 Os indicates dut the 'combined circulation' ofne. Thomson publications was in excess of three million copies weekly. Not bad for a firm which promoted 'penny dreadful' magazines for wamen mill workers and which, in 1866, produced the first half penny morning newspaper in Britain. Though perhaps there is an element of stage management in the array of transport passing head office!


Comh/""d Circu/atfon


52 Much is known of Captain Scott's Research Ship Discovery, now the star exhibit in the visitor centre bearing her name. But without the Terra Nova, the Discovery would never have returned from the Antarctic in 1904. TheTerra Nova spent many years in Arctic waters bef are sailing south to assist Scott's ill-fated expedition. In 1909 she taak Seatt on his seeand and ultimately fatal expedition to the South Pole.

He never returned. His ship did, and sailed on until she was sunk in 1944.

53 Although this cartoon card was sold in Walton-onthe-Naze, it depiets Dundee's only woman MP to date, Florence Horsbrugh.

In the early 1930s Horsbrugh led avocal campaign to outlaw Red Biddy, a mixture of cheap wine and methylated spirits. She eventually succeeded in ha ving an Act passed banning it from being sold, but not bef are publishers decided she was fair game for the postcard pun!





54 There were only so many ways to show Dundee's civic buildings on postcards. After every conceivable view was published, the next obvious step was to produce a set of Dundee in darkness, well, virtual darkness! This example appears to set out to demonstrate the power of the new electric light bulbs in the Albert Institute, among the first in the city.

55 A busy scene in the Murraygate. This is one of the oldest streets in Dundee. It is believed to have been named

af ter Thomas Randalf, first Earl of Moray and nephew of King Robert the Bruce. It was Randalf, with only thirty men, who captured Edinburgh Castie from the English during the Wars ofIndependence in the 14th century.

56 We now move back a few yards into the High Street with the unmistakable Pillars on the right. Public executions were carried out in front of the Town House. When it was proposed to open a new street southwards from near this spot to the harbour in 1820, the house of Dr. Crichton, an eminent local surgeon, stood in the way:

According to tradition. not until the civic fathers agreed to name the street after him did he agree to move!

5 7 The Scotia was one of Dundee's most famous whalers. Perhaps its greatest claim to nautical farne, however, is that it inaugurated the NorthAtlantic lee Patrol in

1 9 1 3, following the sinking of the Titanic, The Scotia wasn't a Dundee-built ship. She was launched in Norway in 1 872 and probably spent her early life as a sealer in Greenland waters. She was eventually bought for the Scottish National Antaretic Expeclition and sailed from Troon in 1902. She joined the Dundee whaling fleet two years later.

58 The planning of Reform Street coincided with the passing of the Reform Bill in 1832 and the street opened the following year. An alternative suggestion for its name was put forward by one town councillor. His idea was to eall it Mortgage Street!

Reform Streef, Oundee.

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