Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Norman Watson
:   Dundee
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6404-7
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59 One of the most famous sights in Dundee was the mass evening exodus from the giant Camperdown Works in Lochee. The massive complex was begun by the Cox Brothers in 1849. In its heyday it was the largest jute mill in the world. In recent years the huge 33-acre site has been redeveloped to provide over 300 houses, as well as a major entertainment complex.

60 This fine view of the City Assembly Rooms in the late 1890s indicates how impressive a building it must have been in bygone days. Since then it lus endured many changes ofuse but, thankfully, little in the way of alteration. Known for many years as the Winter's the Printers building, it has recently become a restaurant. Note the horse trough in the foreground.

61 The fire in Watson's Bond in the Seagate in July 1906 raged for two days and was believed to be one of Britain's biggest conflagrations. It led to the virtual destruction of one of Dundee's most prominent buildings. For several hours a flaming river of whisky flowed down the streets as a million gallons of spirits went up in smoke!

62 And what more would be required for a smart turn-out of Dundee's fire brigade than a major city centre fire? And here they are emerging from the new fire station in Bell Street. Curiously. this was virtually the entire Dundee fire service at the turn ofthe century - though some larger firms had their own part-time firemen,

63 st. Mary's Fair, ar Lady Mary's Fair, was almast eertainly Dundee's oldest, Although its history dates back several centuries it moved to the Greenmarket area af ShoreTerrace (shown here) in 1907, where various amusements were sited, and where a weekly market already existed. When the building of the new Caird Hall encroached upan the Greenmarker site in 1914 the future of the fair was placed in jeopardy. It was eventually abolishedin 1934.

64 This is a typieaJ Dundee shop front postcard. It is, as was usual, awash with enamel signs - much sought after by collectors today - with staff posing for the photographer outside. Mrs. Burns' fruit and confectionery shop traded at 59 King Street and is seen in 1923.

65 Bucklemaker's Wynd was one of the principal streets in old Dundee - but it was sa narrow that it was difficult for two jute carts to pass coming and going from mills to docks. So it was widened in the middle of the last century and became once again one of Dundee's most important thoroughfares -Victoria Raad.

66 A fine study ofWhitehall Crescent and Union Streel. Note the 'taxi' conveying a woman pass enger towards the High Street, perhaps to the new D. M. Brown arcade. The ladies of 1910 ware steel and bone, rampart-like corsets. But by and large it was a dainty era for girls.

fI:;zt! (]rescenl and Ilnion 8fr'i!ef. Dundee

67 This view ofWhitehall Street, about 1 900, shows full-skirted wamen on foot, and a glimpse of the famous Draffen's store on the right. lts full title then was Draffen & Iarvie, established by George Draffen and Iohn [arvie in 1889. It trades today as Debenham's.

68 In the days before direct charter flights to the sun, holiday - making Dundonians would more than likely find themselves here - on Broughty Ferry beach. Bank holiday excursions went further afield of course (sometimes as far as Perth!) but there was nothing to top a trip to 'the Ferry'.

At the Beach, Broughty Ferry

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