Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

Dundee in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Norman Watson
:   Dundee
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6404-7
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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79 And so we see the Tay Bridge as it stands today though steam trains passing over it are sernething of a rarity, sad to say In the foreground is the area of farmer playground now occupied by a garage showroom and bowling green - but internationally known as the view from [arnes McIntosh Patrick's studio!

80 D. M. Brown's arcade was opened on 3rd December 1908. 'Taken as a whole,' said the DundeeAdvertiser, 'the arcade excels anything of the kind in Scotland, if indeed it is equalled by anything in Britain,' One of the attractions of the new arcade was its sophisticanon, The newspaper alluded to this aspect: 'Through the pneumatic tubes with which every section of the establishment is connected to a central exchange in the basement, the cash clatters with exactness and despatch,'

81 The old Custom House was one of a number of mansions that graced Fish Street and Butcher Row, an aristocratie quarter of 17th century Dundee. The Custom House was closed in 1 803. When it was partly demolished five years later, some 200 coins dating to the reigns of [ames VI and Charles I were discovered. They were believed to have been concealed in the building by an inhabitant who perished in the siege of the city by General Monk in 1651.

Old Cusiom jfouse and F ish Sireeet, Dundee

82 The fire at Watson's Bond in the Seagate in ]uly 1906 was described byThe Courier as 'the most destructive fire in the history of Dundee' . The fire raged for twelve hours, burned for two days, destroyed the huge bonded warehouse and consumed millions of gallons of spirit. The paper reported 'panic' in Candle Lane as the flames spread and 'rivers ofburning whisky' flowed down the streets.

83 This'Iuck's Oilette art card by local illustrator David Small, about 1906, helps to indieate the stark intrusion on the harbour skyline of the eontroversial Royal Areh. The death sentenee had hung over the areh for many years, but the exeeution order didri't eome until February 1964 when Dunean Logan, the Tay Raad Bridge builders, announeed the start of demolition. Given its unhappy existenee and ultimate fate, it is remarkable that there were 148 entries in the design eompetition to build it.

84 Another postcard from the'Iuck's Oilette series shows Dundee's Greenmarket in full swing around 1906. The First World War drew many of the traders and market-goers into the Armed Services and levels of trading dropped. But what had a greater impact on the future of the market was the encroachment of the new Caird Hall, whose construction had begun in 1 9 1 3. The final nail in the Greenmarket's coffin came in 1935 when it made way for Share Terrace bus station.

85 The solemn Caird Hall fa├žade is seen in this Valentine's postcard published shortly after the hall opened in 1923.Yettherewasprovision under the rear of the

f:l 00,000 hall for a jumble of permanent stalls, and this duly became the City Arcade. Many Dundonlans. mourning the loss of the Greenmarket. felt this compromise was simply the result of a covert civic plan to abolish the city's open-air markets.

86 From the roof of the Caird Hall. a more modern postcard provides a panoramie view of the summer-time city. Note the flower arrangements in the foreground, which bear a passing resemblance to the 'environmental improvements' of recent years. Another point of interest is the traffic on bath sides of the square, while, in the background, the two corner sites are occupied by the rerailers present today, Boots and H. Samuel.

City Square, Dundee


87 This rare postcard shows the tug Bullger manoeuvring into position ra tow the Mars Training Ship down the Tay and ra the scrapyards at Inverkeithing. The Mars had given sixty stout years of service. And she was made of stern stuff Oxy-acetylene burners and steel cutters made little impact on her rwo-feet thick aak timbers. Explosives eventually provided the farmer warship with a dignified end.

88 This fine study shows the Eastern Medical Hall next to the Victoria Bar at the top of Victoria Raad. The greatest character in this vicinity was Edwin Scryrngeom, Britain's only Prohibitionist Mp, who lived in a close in Errol Terrace, just off Victoria Raad. After his victory over Winston Churchill in 1922 'Neddy' rernarked to hundreds of supporters who had followed hirn home up the brae: 'Can ony 0' you fowk irnagine yam MP bidin' up a closie?'

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