Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

:   Paul Harris
:   Kent
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6652-2
:   80
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29 An excellent view of the Dymchurch Picture House built by Wheatley Bros of Goldenhurst at Al-

dington in 1920. This was situated opposite the City of London public house. Unfortunately the cinema

was bom bed in 1943 and never replaced. The nearest cinema is now at Folkestone, nine miles away

Incidentally the house known as Goldenhutst later became the home of playwright Noel Coward.

30 The City ofLondon publie house seen from the seawall. Originally ealled the Seawall Tavern,

this pub was renamed after a ship that was blown over the seawall and into the pub during a severe storm

in the 18th century. In the background on the right ean just be seen the Wesleyan Chapel.

3 1 WE. Coopers footwear shop next to which is Iimmy Roots express shoe repair business attached in the small building to the right. It is remarkable today to consider the range of different shops that existed in small villages and towns like Dymchurch until recent decades.

32 The main road into Dymchurch coming from Hythe. On the left is the City of London pub and

opposite is the Wesleyan Chapel and in front of it Woodlands, another grocers' shop. The number of

such establishments in a small town or village might seem a lot but in those days most people did

their shopping locally and there were no supermarkets or out-of-town shopping developments.

33 The same raad looking towards Hythe. On the left is the LyndhurstTea Gar-

dens and further down the raad on the right are some coastguard cottages.

34 In this picture the coastguard cottages are on the left. Opposite we see an estare agents office, which also doubled as a

post office and was run by Tom Neil.Adjoining the office the white weatherboarded house just visible is WeHs Cottage.

Further up the raad the Dymchurch Garage can just be seen.

35 A better view of WeH Cottage with the post office next door. Tom Neil, the postrnaster, was also a

sports reporter for the Folkestone Herald from 1905, around the time this photograph was taken.

Edith Nesbit sometimes stayed at WeHs Cottage during her many visits to the Marsh.


'Heils eottages anĂ  post Office.

36 Checksfields garage in about 1958. The premises seen here were built in 1952 by F. and R. Finn Bros of St. Mary's Bay.The garage business formerly operated from the opposite si de of the road. The new premises incorporated a petrol filling station with a central pump island dispensing Shell, Bp, Power and National Benzol. Later the site became a Shell-only station. Today the garage is still operating as a Nortons outlet. On the opposite side of the road to the garage at right angles behind the two houses is the Woodlands Dairy. To the left of the garage are the line of coastguard cottages

seen in earlier photographs. These were dernolished in 1963.

37 The Checksfield garage staff in 1954. Seen from left to right are Frank Cooper (secretary), Ray

Barlow, Derick Woodland, David Wraight, Peter Checksfield. Ern Checksfield, Fred Morrison,

George Piper, Sid Checksfield and Frank Hopkins.

38 Another view ofA. Checksfield and Sans taken in about 1960. The garage appears now to be a Shellonly outlet. In the background in front of the garage is Andrew Checksfield. The cars are always interesting to see on old photographs.

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