Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

:   Paul Harris
:   Kent
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6652-2
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49 An aerial view of east Dymchurch. The Ship Inn can be seen next to its extensive field. Next to the

inn can be seen tennis courts. In the middle of the field a cricket pitch can be seen. Football matches

were also played in the same field. This picture also affords a good view of Sycamore Gardens. These

attractive buildings were constructed between 1903 and 1912.

50 A 1920s/1930sview of the little Smugglers Tea House, which was situated to the right of the entrance

to The Oval. In the 192 Os a new house was built on the site.

5 1 White Gables guest house that was situated on the opposite side of The Oval entrance to the Smugglers Tea House.

White Gables also provided tea rooms open to nonresidents, but was principally a hotel. The business was very successful for

many years and with its distinctive appearance and thatched roof made an attractive sight on the Hythe Raad. U nfortunately White

Gables suffered a serious fire in the early 197 Os and was never rebuilt.

52 MartelloTower number 22 opposite the white 193 Os building known 10cally as the Wedding Cake

house. The tower was demolished using high explosi yes in 1 956 to allow for raad widening. How-

ever, this proved no easy task, as initially the tower just split in two. The next attempt resulted in the

debris falling across the raad and bloeking it for a fortnight.

53 The Neptune Hotel, a building of at least 16th century vintage. This attractive timber-framed house was probably a farm

to start with, but has since been a coaching inn, two cottages, a public house, a tea rooms and a guest house. At presentThe Nep-

tune is a nicely renovated public house with restaurant and accommodation. There are stories of smuggling associated with The

Neptune. Apparently it w-as a popular meeting place and site for the storage of contraband destined for onward distribution.

S4 The Neptune during its earlier incamation as the MacErin Guest House. In 1999-2000 the building underwent extensive

renovation and is now a popular loc al entertainment venue. It is said that in the 14th century a farm existed on the site prior to

the present building. This apparently housed monks, who were stationed here by theArchbishop ofCanterbury to work on drain-

ing and reclaiming large areas of Romney Marsh that were still partially underwater in those days.

55 The victorieus Dymchurch Football Team after winning the Hythe Charity Cup in 1958.

David Wraight, the captain, holds the cup aloft after a notable 2-1 victory over Elham Valley in the final played at Reachfields, Hythe, After being a goal down at the interval Dymchurch stormed back to notch two goals in quick succession. First, David Wraight inspired the team with a goal. Then, the fearless Peter Checksfield at left half scored with a powerful header that proved to be the winner. The team left to right are, back row: Iohn Pip er, Ian [ones and Ray Barlow.

Middle row: Iohn Wraight, Jim Pip er, Frank Williarns, Geoff Eastwood, David Wraight (captain holding cup) , Peter Checksfield, Roy Gearing and Cecil Wood.

In the front row is Jumbo Wraight (the Mascot).

S6 The Dymchurch Football Club in 1948-1949. In the back row, left to right, are: Brian Corns, Roy Harman, Bob Gearing, Fred White, George Upton, Denis Beale and Frank Flisher. In the front row, left to right, we see: the captain David Wraight,

Roy Frith, Ron Pegram and Iohn Coates. The Dymchurch Football Club was formed in 1905 and achieved the following honours: the Hythe Charity Cup in 1948, 1958 and

1 973, Folkestone and District League Division 2 in 1956/57 season, the Kent Amateur League Division 2 in 1966/67 and 1972/73, Kent Amateur League Div-

ision 1 in 1973/74, the Ashford and District League Division 2 in 1973/7 4, the Ashford and District League Division 2 Cup in 1974, the Kent Amateur League Division 2

Cup in 1982 and last but not least the Kent County Football League Premier League Cup in 1 988. Sadly in September 1992 the club folded due to financial problems caused by

the economie reces sion then being experienced.

57 This isThe Ship Dymchurch Sunday Football Team formed in 1972. Led by manager Dave Henley the team won its first trophy in 1 974, defeating the Blackhorse Sellindge 5-2 in the final ofthe League Cup. Goals scored were two by Iohn Young, two by Jumbo Wraight and one by Mick Fuggle. In the 1974/75 season the team were crowned top pub side when they won the League Championship and were winners of the seven-a-side tournament held at St. Mary's Bay. The team pictured is from the 1972/73 season and consist of; back row left to right: Cliff Beverley (land-

lord), Jack Downey, Jumbo Wraight, Dave Tyrell, Derek Wratten, Iohn Tolhurst, Richard Smith and

Richard Williams. In the front row, left to right are:

Roy Maffingham, Iohn Young, Dave Henley (Cap-

tain). Ronnie Downey and Richard Phelps.

58 The small village of Burmarsh tucked away at the eastern end of Romney Marsh lies apart from the rush and bustle of modern times. The village clusters around its ancient church, which is flanked on the left by the old rectory and on the right by the whitewashed village inn significantly named The Shepherd and Crook. This view looks east along Church Raad and was probably taken in the 1920s. The Reetory can be seen on the immediate left of the picture. The raad had been metalled in about 191 8 prior to which it was made passable by the use

of compacted beach and shingle laid by road gangs employed by the local authorities. In the late 1940s houses were built by the Romney Marsh Rural District Council on the land

on the right of the photograph opposite the church.

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