Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

Dymchurch and Burmarsh in old picture postcards

:   Paul Harris
:   Kent
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6652-2
:   80
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59 A fine view of Burmarsh Reetory standing in splendid isolation. This

photograph was taken in 1887.

60 Seen from the front entrance here is Burmarsh Reetory again, this time in

the 192 Os. The two ladies at the front of the Reetory are believed to be the

Misses Lindsay; who Iived there for a number of years.

61 The church which is of Norman origin and dedicated to All Saints, consists of chancel, nave, west tower and a south porch. The churchyard is reached by crossing a dyke over a gated plank bridge, and the church is entered by way of a sunny south porch of stone, built in the 16th century. It is built on the highest ground in the village and is still regularly used for services, which are taken by the vicar from the nearby village ofDymchurch. This picture was probably taken around the turn of the century and shows in the background the village shop (part of Sankey Farm). Several bur-

ials in the churchyard resulted from a smallpox epidemie in 1 779. Records show that alocal carpenter, J Wraight, was paid

f,S 1 s 7 d for the supply of coffins.

62 A winter scene ofBurmarsh church taken from the rectory showing the tower with its supporting buttresses and the Shepherd and Crook in the background.

63 A view of the church with the rectory in the background probably taken befare 1918, when the local roads were first

metalled. The church hall, which was built in 1908, stands on land on the immediate left of the picture. Two locals can be seen sit-

ting on the low wall which separates the churchyard from the Shepherd and Crook public house. As you can see the

locals never had to walk far for a drink once the services were over!

64 A meet of the john Iones Romney Marsh Hare Coursing Club at Burmarsh outside the Shep-

herd and Crook. Note the bus behind them. The club was formed in 1904 and flourished for many years

meeting all over the Marsh. Today, rightly or wrongly, this sport is somewhat controversial.

65 Sankey Farm taken from the footpath in the churchyard looking into Shearway (formerly Shireway). The picture was probably taken in the early

192 Os. On the end of the Sankey Farm building can be seen the village shop and post office, which for many years was run by Mr. George Rayner. The main

farmhouse. which dates from around 1 760. was the home of Mr. Thomas Elgar and then subsequently ofthe Sankey family. who were local farmers

and landowners, the most wen known being Samuel Sankey. In recent years the building was converted into two private dwellings.


66 The village hall at Burmarsh taken from land where there is now a

housing estare known as The Green.

67 A photograph of the hub of Burrnarsh village showing the church with

the Shepherd and Crook pub on the right and the beginnings of Burmarsh

village on the left. This picture was probably taken about 1948.

68 The severe winter of 1939-1940 in Burmarsh. These men appear to he trying to clear a path

through the snow. This bad weather, the first of the Second World War, was of course a state secret as

weather reports and weather forecasts, if made public, were considered to he ofpotential help to Hit-

Ier's Germany in planning air raids and the intended but never executed invasion of Britain.

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