Ealing and Acton in old picture postcards

Ealing and Acton in old picture postcards

:   Pamela D. Edwards
:   Greater London
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5658-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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17. High Street, Ealing, looking towards The Broadway. The dorned building in the background is Eldred Sayer's drapery store. The late Mr. Hookey had also been a draper at Nos. 24, 25 and 26 High Street, viewed on the left. The projeering sign at the far end of this side of the street belongs to Lilley & Skinner's shoe shop.


Uxól'idge cJ(oad, Caling.


7080 The "Wyndham" Series.

18. Uxbridge Road, Ealing, looking east. On the immediate left is the entrance to Copley Dene, one of the numerous substantial houses which lined this section of the Uxbridge Road. The Town Hall can be seen in almost pristine condition when this photograph was taken in 1904. ft was erected in 1888 to a design by Charles Jones who was the Surveyor to Ealing Local Board (the forerunner of the Council) at that time.

19. New Broadway, Ealing, looking eastwards. By the late 1890s, development of shopping parades began to take place along the Uxbridge Road west of The Broadway to meet the demands of the rapidly increasing population. On the left can be seen Young's China and Glass Stores, next to which is an unlet unit. There is an elaborate window display in Arthur Tyler's jewellery shop next door, whilst the adjoining premises with lowered blind belong to Ewings Piano Stores.

20. New Broadway, Ealing, looking westwards. On the extreme right can be seen the dignified shop front of Thomas Day, corn chandler, next to which are Foster Bros, ladies' and gentlemen's tailors. Adjoining are the premises of Paul Limited, bakers and confectioners, Hollinrake & Howell, bootmakers, and Leslie Beleher, house furnishers. The Town Hall is in the background.

21. Christ Church, Uxbridge Road, Ealing, was erected in 1850-1852 to a design by Sir George Gilbert Scott. It suffered bomb damage in the Second World War and underwent restoration during 1946-1952. It has since been re-named Christ the Saviour.

Spring Bridge Road, Ealing Broadway.

22. Spring Bridge Road, Ealing, looking northwards. On the left in this view can be seen Park Bros' ironmongers' business, with its wares displayed on the pavement, next to which is the Art Needlework Repository. The shop on the extreme right belongs to A.J. Sturley, confectioner, next to which are the premisesof J. Edwards & Son, builders and decorators. The business with a large sign on the roofofits premises is that of Frost & Co, sanitary engineers, next to which are E. W. Dennis, bootmaker, and Wm. Freeman, bookseller.

23. This view, which was taken from the eastern end of The Broadway, Ealing, presents a pleasantly open perspective of the approach to Ealing Broadway Great Western Station before the advent of heavy traffic and highrise buildings. The original GWR Station building with its canopied entrance can be seen in the background, in front ofwhich are the premises of Jeayes Kasner & Co, coal merchants and agents to the GWR. The sign mounted above their building reads: 'Great Western Railway. General Enquiry Office for goods and parcels.' The adjacent premises belong to Burley & Brackenbury, auctioneers. The Feathers, in the right foreground, was erected in 1891 and replaced an earlier inn of that name. In the left foreground is the order office of Stratton Gentry & Co, coal merchants.

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24. This view was taken from the western end of The Mail, Ealing. The building on the immediate left was an early design by Charles Jones for Ealing Local Board. It was in use as the Board's offices until the erection of the present Town Hall in 1888. The building now accommodates a bank.

25. The Mail, Ealing, looking westwards, with a view ofThe Broadway in the background. The turning on the Ieft in this photograph is Windsor Road, at the corner of which can be seen the grounds of Ealing Methodist Church. The parade of shops which dorninates this view was erected in 1902. Thomas Hall, the well-known Iocal draper , occupied the end shop, nearest to Windsor Road. The prominent building which can be seen in The Broadway was the Ealing Theatre. W.H. Smith & Son now occupies this site. The spire of Christ Church can be seen in the distance.

26. The Parade, Haven Green, Ealing, looking towards The Broadway. Part of Aylesbury Dairy Co is visible on the extreme left, next to which is F. W. Candy's butchery. The adjoining shop belongs to H. Evans, fancy draper, beyond which are D. Lewis, chemist, and Arthur Scott, ironmonger and plumber.

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