Ferryhill in old picture postcards

Ferryhill in old picture postcards

:   Anne Dixon
:   Durham
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5903-6
:   80
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69. Former Vicarage, Kirk Merrington, circa 1900, from a card postmarked 1908. This imposing red brick house, built in 1879, is some two hundred yards east of St. John's Church, which can be seen in the background. Standing in large grounds on the crest of a limestone ridge, it commands magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

70. The Villas, Dean Bank, circa 1907. These were the six, very large houses built for the senior officials of Dean & Chapter Colliery. Hard to believe, but this card was posted in Lyndhurst Hants, in 1910, to an address in Chelsea.

71. Rennie Street, Dean Bank, 1917. A lovely photograph of a miner's wife standing in the doorway of her home. On the back was written 'Grandma Carr 1917'. Note the slate to the left of the door, on which would be chalked the time the miner of the house wanted wakening by the 'Knocker-Up' or 'Caller', a man employed by the co al company to help get men to work in early shifts, before alarm clocks were in general use.

72. Dean & Chapter Colliery, Ferryhill, circa 1920, as seen from the Pit Bank. This photograph shows men walking home 'black' at the end oftheir shiftand gives some indication ofthe size ofthe mine, with its three shafts and large surface layout. The colliery was sunk in 1902-1904 and was the largest and most modern in the area. At its peak some 2,600 men and boys were employed, producing around 750,000 tons of coal per annum. It was originally owned by the Bolckow Vaughan Mining Co. who in 1929 merged with Dorman Long & Co. in whose possession it remained until1947, when it was taken over by the National Coal Board. The colliery closed in 1966.

73. A second view of Dean and Chapter Colliery, showing the workshops and offices in the foreground and the heapstead buildings and shaft headgear behind.

74. Main Road, Dean Bank, circa 1910, from a card postmarked 1918. On the left is St. Cuthbert's Terrace, followed by the Miners' Welfare Hall. On the right is Dean Bank School built in 1907. As can be seen, traffic was not a major problem,just one horse-drawn cart in the centre of the raad.

.....-s of the Aged Minera' Gup,

75. Dean Bank Villa Football Club 1914. Photograph taken to commemorate the winning of the Aged Miners' Cup. The location is outside their changing hut in a yard to the rear of the Black Bull. Landlord Jack Russell can be seen standing to the right of the goalkeeper. The team included Joe Vickerstaff, Jonah Aaron, Tot Kay, Jack Abbot, Jim Ike, Lenny Wainwright, Andrew Beaty and goalkeeper Heavyside. The trainer with the towel over his shoulder is Jack Elsey.


76. Dean Bank Salvation Army Band, dressed in their 'Lion Tamer' uniforms outside Ferryhill Town Hall, circa 1910.

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