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Gravesend in old picture postcards

Gravesend in old picture postcards

:   Douglas W. Grierson
:   Gravesend
:   Kent
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5747-6
:   112
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2-3 weken (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


Fragmenten uit het boek 'Gravesend in old picture postcards'

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79. This is the opposite view to the previous one and is looking towards Dover Road and Northfleet. The shop blinds are almost all out. On the left, out of the picture, are the Pelham Arms and the Post Office of Richard Haill, who was also an undertaker. The only traffic is provided by the horse-drawn carts, coming out of Pelham Road South.

80. Pelham Raad Sauth leads on to Perry Street, Northfleet. There is a handcart being pushed down the centre of the raad. This whole area was church or 'glebe' land, remembered by Glebe Road, on the right, in Pelham Road South. The hoarding with its posters on the Ieft, advertises: 'Camp Coffee, Turog Bread, Robin Starch and The grand opening of The Pavilion Skating Rink.' The rink was opened in 1910, in Grange Road, off Pelham Road, as a result of the roller skating craze.

81. Old Raad West, looking west with the cemetery entrance by the trees on the left. The builders ' yard of Beal and Hubbard is on the right, followed by a long line of houses with the showrooms of Waters and Wilks, stonemasons, opposite the cemetery gates. The cemetery started out as the Victoria Gardens in 1834, and the present chapel building was used for dances and concerts. It failed because of the distance from the town and competition from the new Rosherville gardens. Most of the ground was sold, in 1839, to the Gravesend and Milton Cemetery Company.

82. The almshouses in Old Road West were built in 1897 on the site of Reed's Cottages, previously used to house cholera victims and the poor, Henry Pinnock, by his will of 1624, benefited the poor of Gravesend and Milton and the original almshouses. The Post Office can be seen on the opposite corner of Wrotham Road. This section of the almshouses had to be demolished owing to subsidence. They were recently replaced by a more modern development.





83. The Service Garage, Wratham Raad, is depicted here, with its petrol pump on the edge of the pavement. On the left is a warning sign for the nearby Wrotham Road School. Ornate B.P.lanterns are mounted on the top of the gates and the showroom windows are full of bicycles for sale. The Service garage was an A.A. and R.A.C. agent and the A.A. sign can be seen above the building. This and the adjoining shops were demolished to make way for the present petrol station.

84. Woodlands Park with the newly erected King George V memorial gates. The park celebrates its 60th anniversary in 1994 and is a farmer meadow. The children, then as now , are playing cricket and one boy can be seen doing handstands. Many of the large trees have since been felled and behind the dense group of trees is Woodlands. built in 1893, farmer home of George Wood of Wood's Brewery.

85. Huggins' Cottages at the corner of Cross Lane West and Wrotham Road. The charitabIe work of Mrs. Huggins, when her husband was mayor, realised the funds through 'Tipperary Fairs', to build these cottages for disabled servicemen . The land was donated by T. C. Colyer- F ergusson in memory of his son. The cottages were opened in 1922. The smal! trees have now grown tal! and hide this view. The card was sent by Mrs. Huggins in 1923, regarding more charity work involving the NSPCC.

86. This view of Old Road West shows the raad ne ar to where the present Elmfield Close is, in about 1905. The present doctor's and dentist's surgery, Elmfield, was the farmer home ofW. Fletcher of Fletcher's wharf. The srnall monkey-puzzle tree on the left grew to a great height, only to suffer from the 'hurricane' of October 1987. The increasing housing developrnents of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era were gradually eneroaehing on this rural raad, popular for country walks.

87. The Old Prince of Orange Inn in Old Road East was built in the 18th century as a coaching inn. The name was then the Prince of Orange, but the 'Old' was added when the New Raad was cut in 1801. The New Prince of Orange stood at the top ofthe High Streel. The inn was replaced in the early 1930's by the present 'Tudorbethan' building. At one time there was an archery ground and cricket pitch connected with the inn. The view shows the inn under the landlordship of W. W. Bardoe and a row of interesting advertising posters can be seen alongside. The tram terminus was in front.

Singleweil Raad, Gravesend.

88. Single weil Raad in the 1920's, with the off-licence of G.E. Tonge to the left. Next was Chapman's confectionery and tobacconist shop. At the corner 1 Cross Lane West was Hammond's bakery and sweet shop from 1884 unti11967. Hammond's Corner is still remembered to this day. On the right-hand side of the road were the nurseries of Frank Badman, who lived at No. 30. The shop on the opposite corner to the right, became Rothwell's Stores. 'Rothwell's the Reliable Grocers' also had grocery stores in Echo Square and Northfleet. SingleweIl Road is almost deserted, apart from the lone cyclist and the odd pedestrian.

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