Greenock in old picture postcards volume 2

Greenock in old picture postcards volume 2

:   John F. Anderson
:   Inverclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1527-8
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Hamilton Street.

49 A group of children pose for the photographer in this view from early in the twentieth century. A woman wearing a shawl is also to be seen. Such attire was a normal form of dress at that periad. An opentopped tram is also visible with two passengers seated on the top deck from where they could clearly abs erve everything that was happening in the street beneath them.

Union Street.

50 This scene is from the early 1900s and shows Union Street as a trafficfree area. The tower on the left is that of St. John's Episcopal Church. St. George's North Church can also be seen. The twin towers of the Watt Li brary are visible on the right of this view. The middle shop in this view of Uni on Street was the premises of Archibald B. Thom, wholesale grocer, wine and spirit merchant. Ta his right Allan McKechnie operated as a family and shipping butcher, poulterer and game dealer. He also had premises at Clyde Buildings, 19 West Blackhall Street.

Nelson Street.

5 1 Ihe former West Church (now St. Luke's) dominates this scene in Nelson Street. The windows on the gable-end are an interesting architectural feature. This card is one of the Milton 'Elite-Glazette' series and was printed in Germany.

Watt Memorial Engineering and Navigation School.

52 This institution was opened for students on 1 October 1908 in order to provide instruction for those training to be marine engineers and offîcers of the mercantile marine. On that day thirteen students enrolled and commenced their studies in the Engineering Department. It was possible ra study at this institution for the certificates of competency which were issued by the Board of Trade and the Local Marine Board. Mr. Alexander Norwell B.Sc. was the first superintendent of the Watt Memorial Engineering and Navigation School. The teacher in the Engineering Department was Mr. Iohn Staddart, with instruction

in navigational subjects being given by Captain Iohn Sidney Coney. The Victoria Tower can be seen on the left of this view.


Ërected 10 mark the Site of the Binhplace of james Wall al Greeneek. Scotland.

Gateside Cottages.

53 This is a view from 1916, which was during the period of the First World War. Ihe buildings of the Greenock and District Combination Hospital can be seen on the incline behind the cottages. This hospital was opened in 1908.

Braad Close.

54 This is a view of Braad Close in the mid-18 60s. The Free Middle Church formerly had premises on the west side of the Close. Prior ra the advent of compulsory education in 1872 the congregation of this church organized a school in the area. This school pravided education for children at a nominal fee. The first teacher of the Braad Close School was Mr.W McColl of Newtonon-Ayr, who was appointed in 1857. Mr. Gordon Simpson, who was later headmaster of Ann Street Public School, taught at the schoolfram 1866 to 1874. He was the first teacher in Greenock to have a Government certificate and was also the first under the auspices of the Greenock

School Board ra earn the Government grant. The Braad Close School ceased to exist as a result of the building ofShaw Street Public School. Mr. Iohn Maleolm formerly had a printing business in Braad Close. It was in his premis es that the 'Greenock Intelligencer' was printed.

Old Greenock Series.


Brisbane Street.

55 Same children pose for the camera in an almast deserted Brisbane Street in this pre- First World War scene. Lamp-posts are in position at regular intervals along the street. The absence of cars is a noticeable aspect of this view which presents a sense of spaciousness uncluttered by traffk.

WeIl Park.

56 Children can be seen at play in this scene from the 192 Os. The ou Well is visible on the right of this view as are two cannons. The steeple of the Mid Kirk (nowWellpark Mid Kirk) can be seen on the left alongside the Victoria Tower which is a very dominant feature of the Greenock skyline.

WeIl Park.

57 A group of small boys plus a dog are seen in this view afWell Park. A small hut is also visible on the left and beside it same peaple are seated in a shelter. This appears ra be a winter scene as all of the trees are bereft of leaves.

OldWell,Well Park.

58 The ou WeH in WeH Park remains as a link with the Schawand Shaw Stewart families and the old Greenock Mansion House which stood on this site. The date 1629 can be seen clearly on the well in this view. The park has been used as a place of recreation for almast 150 years, having been gifted to the town by Sir Michael Shaw Stewart in 185 1. In 1 872 Sir Michael also gifted the Wellington Park on the higher ground behind. In that park the ground was laid out for the playing of bowls and cricket.

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