Hartlepool in old picture postcards

Hartlepool in old picture postcards

:   J.O. Mennear
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3228-2
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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109. In 1911 tbe Gray shipyards in West Hartlepooi covered 17 acres. The imrnediate post-war years saw an expansion of the Gray shipbuilding empire, in 1918 the Egis shipyard was built on the River Wear at Sunderland and a repair yard was established at Graythorp, on Greatham Creek, By 1924 the early years of the Depression had caused the rival Irvine's yard to close, leaving William Gray as the town's sole shipbuilding company, In 1928 the 'Rio Diamante' with a deadweight of 8,690 tons, was launched for the Thompson Steam Ship Co. Ltd. It is pictured in front of the 80 ton sheerlegs, the smaller hydraulic jib crane is seen to the right.

110. The S.S. 'Haxby', 9,150 tons deadweight, seen fitting out alongside another vessel at the Central Yard. Launched in 1929 for Sir R. Ropner and Co. Ltd., the 'Haxby' was the 1,OO3rd vessel to be built by William Gray - twenty-two vessels were to be launched during this busy year. Three vessels ean be seen in various stages of construction on the slipway behind with another vessel occupying the dry dock.

Hl. The shipyards did not escape the affeets of the Depression. In 1931 and 1933 no vesse1s were produced at all, whilst in 1934 two paddleboats, passenger ferries for the Humber estuary, were the only vessels launehed and they only had a deadweight of 126 tons eombined (1100 tons G.R.T)! both of these vessels survive at the time of writing. The B.O. Davies (66 tons deadweight) seen here in the North Basin at the CMEW quay, was launehed in 1932 for the Tees Pilot Cutter Co., a loeal eustomer, in a year that saw seven vessels launehed. Business was to piek up in the late 1930s and throughout the Seeond World War when Gray's produced ninety ships including many of the celebrated EMPIRE elass. The repair yard handled 1,750 ships of over 3 million gross tonnage.



112. Church Square, West Hartlepool, around 1925. An interesting aerial view of the town centre showing the terraeed housing off Church Street which was built in the early pioneering days of the new town in the 1850s and 1860s. A lone motor car can be seen to the left of Christ Church and the railway sidings and allotment gardens are on the site currently occupied by the United Bus Station. The garden villas of Clarence Road, the original West Hartlepooi suburbs, were taking on a commercial and recreational role. The Willows, bottom left, had been converted into the Gray Art Gallery, complete with bandstand on the front lawn. Orchard House was to be taken over by the West Hartlepool Boilermakers' Club in 1926 with the Northern Daily Mail Offices occupying their present site. The properties on Hart Road, later Raby Road, have now been demolished for a road widening scheme and for car parking.

113. An interior view of the conservatory at the Gray Art Gallery in the 1920s. The entrance to the Museum, behind the glass screen, was via a turnstile, any unaccompanied children being refused entry! In 1930 two marble statues 'Susanna and the Elders' and 'Innoeenee' were donated to adorn the conservatory . They, along with other exhibits such a

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