Hastings in old picture postcards

Hastings in old picture postcards

:   Anne Scott
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5582-3
:   80
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39. Wellington Square cl905. The houses here were built from 1815 to accommodate visitors. Assembly Rooms were at the Castie Hotel, on the left ofthe picture. This was built in 1817, and its demolition in 1966 was another example of the architectural vandalism th at has robbed Hastings of many of its best buildings and street scenes. The centra! garden has lost many of its trees and a new road now cuts across the bottom of the square. From 1920 until the 1950s the square was used as a bus station.

40. Holidaymakers tlocking to take to the water c1912. The pleasure yachts were beached by Harold Place and gave a liveJihood to many people.

41. The yachts called the 'Albertine' and 'New Albertine' were the most famous ofthe Hastings pleasure yachts, each one bigger than the last. The first was built in 1865. The second 'Albertine', probably the one shown here was built in 1885 and measured 55ft overall. The 'New Albertine' was built in 1891 and worked as a pleasure yacht unti11924, finishing Iife as a boulder boat at Newhaven, carrying flints for the china industry. She was one of the biggest boats ever to launch from a beach.

42. The crew of the 'Albertine' opposite the Queens Hotel in 1905. the 'New Albertine' carried 130 passengers. it had a crew of three on board and ten helpers ashore.


43. Yacht Point at Harold Place c1920. The capstan is to haul up the pleasure yachts. This was a popular spot for beach photographers and hawkers, catching visitors waiting for a sea trip. The new parade joining White Rock and Denmark Place was built in the 1930s. When rough weather was expected the boats would be hauled weil up into Harold Place.

44. c1919. The wreckage of the U-baat mentioned in the message on no. 8. This aerial shot shows the town centre with the Albert Memorial and the Cricket Ground beyond. The railway came to St. Leonards in 1846 but not to Hastings unti11851. The station can be seen top left. The 'New Albertine' pleasure yacht is drawn up on the beach in the centre of the picture.

45, This picture has the caption 'Prehistorics at Hastings Park', Historical pageants we re very popular and of ten staged as part of local celebrations prior to 1940,

46. cl920. A more peaceful scene in the park, with one of the elegant swan boats emerging fram behind the tree. Alexandra Park was opened in 1882 by the Prince and Princess of Wales after whom it was named.

47. A parade in Queens Road c1899, probably Lord John Sanger's Circus. This part of Queens Road was originally known as Bedford Place. St. Andrews Road led up to the ehureh whose striped tower ean just be seen on the right of the picture. It was demolished in 1970. The lower part of Queens Road was originally ealled Meadow Street. In 1876 the street was renamed Queens Road in honour of Queen Victoria. The fine building facing down Queens Road was bombed during the Second World War.

48. Sergeant Buddle with Winifred Pomphrey fitting out the Goldup family with shoes at the Station Road Police Station c1930. Hastings Police ran a benevolent fund to help clothe needy families.

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