Hastings in old picture postcards

Hastings in old picture postcards

:   Anne Scott
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5582-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. A crowded be ach scene c1921. The boats belong to Hastings Rowing Club whose headquarters can just be seen under the promenade. lt was founded in 1868 and held summer races and an autumn regatta. Rea's lee Creams, made by an Old Town family, are being sold from a tent near to the Punch and Judy Show. On the pier the pavilion under construction after the 1917 fire can be seen.

60. A view from the pier about 1912 shows the beautiful ironwork and a range of slot machines from scales to 'What the Butler Saw'. Bathing machines can be seen in the distance , the design apparently unchanged since the 1840s. By 1920 they were replaced by bathing cabins.

61. Hastings Pier showing the additions of the 1920s. The decorative ironwork has gone. The bandstand with sheltering wings takes up much of the deck at the inshore end. These side arcades were converted from shelters to small shops in the 1960s. The central bandstand was replaced by the Triodome in 1966 for celebrations of the 1066 anniversary. This has now gone.

62. Naval torpedo boats giving a searchlight display off Hastings Pier during a visit in 1908.

HE, PARADE, HASTINGS. (PhOC:03r'o.rhed fr'om 01 Aër'oplone.)

63. An aerial view of the White Rock area pre-1914. The old hospital building (built in 1887) is still opposite the pier and White Rock Road goes straight along the c1iff top. The prevailing drift of the shingle from west to east along the beach can be appreciated from this picture.

64. St. Leonards and Hastings were separate towns until they merged during the second half of the 19th century. The Eversfield family acquired the Manor of Gensing, which covered much of St. Leonards, in 1612. The family began to develop their land from the 1850s, joining Burton's St. Leonards to Hastings. This picture, c1907, shows St. Leonards Parade with Eversfield Mansions, a boarding establishment. A branch of the London and Sou th Western Bank is on the western end of this parade of shops.

65. Warrior Square c1907. Like Robertson Terrace the architectural design has suffered in reconstruction after bomb damage. In 1901 the statue of Queen Victoria was erected lookingout to sea. No doubt she is unamused at the public toilets erected opposite in the 1990s. A number of street characters are posing for the photographer, including a young boy pushing a milk cart.

66. More milk churns, th is time in Warrior Gardens, behind Warrior Square. In 1910 this road boasted two certificated masseuses. a medical electrician and a medical gymnast.

67. The St. Leonards, later the American Palace, Pier, c1905. This was built as a rival to Hastings Pier in 1891 at a cost of 130,000. Situated just west of the Royal Victoria Hotel, its main advantage was that carriages could drive up to the door of the pavilion and patrons were therefore kept dry. The pavilion was smaller than the one on Hastings Pier, seating only 800. In 1940 the pier was breached as a defence measure. It then suffered a fire and was finally demolished in 1951. The paddle steamer has almost certainly been superimposed on this picture for additional interest.

68. St. Leonards Marina c1930 showing the 'Conquerors Stone' in the foreground. First mentioned in 1786, th is alleged dining table ofWilliam the Conqueror has been moved to and fro along Hastings' sea front over the years. It is currently back in more or less this position.

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