Hastings in old picture postcards

Hastings in old picture postcards

:   Anne Scott
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5582-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. c1905. The Royal Victoria Hotel seen from St. Leonards Pier. J ames Burton's attractive terraces to the right were replaced by Marine Court in the late 1930s. The buildings on the seaside were known as Royal Victoria Buildings; under the shops were medicinal sea-water baths. They were demolished in the 1940s.

70. cl905. This flower-seller is standing outside Lloyds Bank at 44 Manna, St. Leonards. The canvas on her barrow reads 'lan Newton, Salesman' .

71. Summerfields built by the Brisco family in the 1830s, a school from befare the First World War until 1960, then demolished to make way for civic offices. Same of its garden features ean still be seen in the woods behind the Magistrates Court.



72. c191O. Eoelesbourne Glen witb a coastguard and the coastguard cottages in the centre of the picture. The rifle butts can be seen on the far hillside, constructed for the local rifle volunteer corps which was incorporated into the 5tb (Cinque Ports) Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1908. Cultivated plots are visible up the left side of tbe glen. These were known as the 'Strawberry Fields'. The coastguard cottages were demolished in 1961 when the cliff edge had almost reached them. The coastal erosion this century has been drama tic as this picture weil illustrates.

73. Posted 1907 showing Harold Road, Godwin Raad and Clive Vale Schools. The track leading from Harold Raad up the si de ofthe hill, where Gurth Raad is today, was a private raad to the golfclub. The glass houses on the westside of Harold Road belang to Gilbert's Nursery. Clive Vale was developed in the 1870-S0s.

74. Laying the tramlines at the junction of Old London, Saxon and Offa Roads, opposite Christ Church Ore in 1905. The eorrugated iron meeting room ean be seen to the right ofthe ehurch. The bus is a demonstration model Thornycroft which was operating with the Hastings and St. Leonards Omnibus Company for a few months.

75. Bliss's Nursery in Fairlight Road, Ore, just above the junction with Middle Road cl90S. The width of the road temains unchanged but now it has street lamps.

Ore Place (Hastings).

76. Ore Place built in 1863 by Thomas Spalding. On the right can just be seen part of the enlargements made by a Jesuit Order after they took the building over in 1905. The buildings were used as an Army Record Office from 1940. They were demolished in 1987.

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