Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6129-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church and Priory in 1906. Built in 1824 a portion was for a number of years used as a Catholic Academy, which later became a College for Dominicans. The interior of the church was one of exceptional beauty, being decorated by same fine old masters such as Verschaeren, Carlo Marotti and orhers.

30 Coventry Road and the 'Wharf'Inn' in 1930. This public house at the junction with Nutts Lane lias remained virtually unchanged in the intervening sixty-five years.

3 1 School children in the procession up Castle Street on Und [une 1911 to celebrate the Coronation of King George V. The procession started in the Borough and proceeded by way of CastIe Street, Grimms Lane (now New Buildings), Derby Road, Bond Street and back to the Borough. In the proces sion were 2,800 schoolchildren and after the procession they returned to their respective schools to be given tea and sandwiches and a Coronation mug as a souvenir.

32 Station Road in 1 92 1. Although sixty-four years old this photograph could almost have been taken today, with the Free Library on the left and the Constitutional Club and shops on the right. The Library had been built in 1888 by Iohn, Thomas and HughAtkins in memory of their late brother Arthur. The extension to form the COUl1Cil Offices was added in 1903.


33 Upper Bond Street in the early 1920 's, On the left are the railings of the grounds of the Manor House. It stood right on the corner of Upper Bond Street and Hollycroft and its last use was as a sanitoriurn. It was eventually demolished and the present Police Station was built on the site.

34 A photograph ofMonnt Road in 1 92 4, taken from its junction with Station Road.

3S This is HolyTrinity Church Football Club, photographed in 1930.

36 Queens Raad in 1 92 0 at its junction with Thornycroft Raad. Busby and Rippin, purveyors of ale and stout, have a shop on the corner that is now occupied by Croft Insurance. Otherwise the scene is scarcely changed.

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37 Hincldey Swimming Baths. This was situated on the corner of St. Mary's Raad opposite the Post Office and the R.A.F.A. Club. The site is now part of St. Mary's Road car park, following the dernohtion of the Baths in the early 1970's.

38 Leicester Raad in 1921. Note the cumbersome telegraph pole on the right and the horse and trap proceeding at a leisurely pace down the centre of the road. Leicester Raad was then the preserve of the well-to-do and their detached houses, and the whole picture exudes an air of peaceful affiuence.

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