Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6129-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39 Old buildings in the Borough on the site of what was to become the Congregational Church (now the United Reformed Church). These three old cottages were demolished in 1866 and as they are marked lots I, 2 and 3 the photograph was obviously taken just before demolition. The corner building in the left foreground is now Lloyds Bank.

40 Walter Speneer's shop in Derby Road which was built in 1897. He was a bootmaker and -repairer and the children in this photograph, taken in 1905, are Arthur and Ethel Spencer, two ofWalter's five children from his marriage to Fanny Mason. The shop is still there, but now forms the lefthand shop ofKobs-4-U.

41 Castle Street in 1929 at its junction with Market Place. This photograph should be compared with photograph 20, taken some thirty years earlier. Pridmores is still in business and the façade on the left side is little changed. However, the street activity has obviously increased considerably to the extent that a policeman is now needed for traffic con trol.

42 Coventry Raad in 1 92 4 at its junction with Granville Raad looking towards the town centre. The façade on the right is unchanged, but on the left are now Hall and Sans and the Leisure Centre. That seetion of Coventry Raad lying between Trinity Lane and Regent Street used to be called Rosemary Lane.

43 Hinckley SalvationArmy Band in about 1 9 1 0, and what a credit they are! Thirtyfive strang and with a wonderful collection of instruments ...

44 Rugby Road in 1924 from its junction with Granville Road, looking towards the town centre. The houses on the right have all been converted to shops now, and the sole car in the raad seems to be on the wrong side!

45 View along Station Raad from its junction with Market Place in about 1875. A sign 'Ta the Railway Station' is fixed on the building which was later demolished to allow the building of the Midland Bank. This building had the rather presumptious title of 'Queens Court'. but in 1875 was already in a state of disrepair.

46 The wedding of Sergeant Harry Wragg, who was bom in London Raad in the terraeed houses opposite the 'Holywell Inri' . He is mentioned in the 'History of the Leicestershire Regiment' for his conduct in the First World War at the Battle of Mazingarbe in ]anuary 1917. He took command of a patrol when the on!y officer was wounded, driving off the German troops and getting the patro! and the wounded officer back safe!y. He was highly commended for his conduct and awarded the Military Medal at the Battle of theSomme.

47 Hinekley Cottage Hospital in Mount Road. Built to eommemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, it was ready for opening in 1900. The façade has seareely ehanged sinee this photograph was taken in 1 9 1 o.

48 An aerial view ofMarket Place taken from St. Mary's Church tower in 1905.Although a number ofbuildings have been demolished the Midland Bank on the corner in the centre is almost unchanged. The same applies to Thomas Flavell's offices on the right at the bottom of Church Walk, and the large building behind, which now houses Barciay's Bank, where the semi-eireular window arches have been retained. The building bottom left has been demolished and is now the site of a small but pleasant garden area.

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