Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6129-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59 A peaeeful Hill Street in 1924 from its junetion with Orehard Street on the left. The junetion with Mount Raad lies in the disrance. All the houses on the right have now gone and been replaeed by the Health Centre etc., but the left is largely unehanged. The near building is now occupied by the Shelby Danee Aeademy.



60 Regent Street in about

1 91 o. The lady in the dress typtcal ofthe period is obviously going for achat with the two mechanics of Midland Counties Motor Garage Company. Standing in the doorway of his Gents' tailors shop next door is the proprietor Mr. Thorne. The garage is now the premises ofthe wellknown Hincldey solicitors T.P. Keith Oakey and Co. The lady is opposite Wykes, which sold sweets but had a special reputation for good quality fruit and vegetables.

61 Upper Castle Street in 192 0, taken from its junction with Grimms Lane (now New Buildings). Much of this

scene is unaltered, induding the doek on the building at the corner of Hili Street.

62 Derby Raad in 1924 taken from its junction with Leicester Raad. Seventy years later the Leicester Raad junction has changed out of all recognition, but the very same postbox is still there and the Post Office has survived largeIy unchanged.

63 The Hinckley 'Olympia' Roller Skating Rink. This stood in Trinity Lane/Mili Hili Raad and was burnt down in April 1931 in a huge fire which also destroyed the adjoining premises of Cleveland Hosiery Works. In the three day -celebrations of the Coronation of King George V in

1 911 a dinner was held here for all parishioners over 60 years of age.

64 Laying the foundation stone for St. Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School on Easter Monday, 1stApril

1 907. The first sod had been cut on l Sth Ianuary 1907 by Fr. Wilfrid Lester, followed by Fr. Joseph Mandy, Mr. Maginty the headmaster; Mr. Hall the contractor; and then the rest of the teachers. It is recorded that the children assembled for the ceremony 'cheered each spadeful as it was dug out' . They then sang a verse of 'Faith of our Pathers'. The foundation stone should have been laid by Mrs. R. WorsleyWorswick of Burbage Hall, but she could not attend and sa it was laid by Mrs. Langmore of Leicester. The stone can still be seen in the school

wall opposite Gladstone Terrace. The completed school was opened one year later, on Easter Monday, 20th April 1908, by MajorWorsleyWorswick.

65 The Methodist Chureh in Grimms Lane (now New Buildings) in 1900. It was opened on 7th November 1878, when it replaeed the farmer Wesleyan Chapel referred to in photograph 5 7, which was promptly taken over by Hincldey Club Co. Ltd. The new ehureh was built in red briek with ornamental stone dressings and a double arehed portico, flanked by tail Carinthian pillars. It closed on 12th October 1969 and has sinee been demolished.

66 Sr. Mary's School 1926. Unfortunately na names are known or indeed which dass it is. But all these lads would now be approaching their 80th birthdays so does anyone have any information?

67 Church Walk in 1906. These thatched cottages were demolished in the 1950's to allow the building of the approach road to the Church Walk car park.

68 Mr. Allen Stoneham, the Conservative candidate in the 1906 General Election for the Bosworth Division. He didn't win, being easily defeated by the Liberal candidate. The photograph was taken in the Market Place with the 'White Hart Inn' in the background. The site has now been cleared and is occupied by the Yorkshire Bank. On the right can be seen the shop on the corner of Castle Street and Market Place, now replaced by the Woolwich Building Society.

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