Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

Hinckley in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Frank Shaw
:   Leicestershire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6129-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69 Northfield Raad in 1924 viewed from its junction with Coventry Raad. The Rock Gardens are now on the left and a shopping development on the open land on the right.

70 The new Holywell Inn in 1 92 7 with the entrance ra Park Raad on the right. The inn remains unchanged, but beyond it is now a large garage and the front is cluttered with traffic direction signs.

7 1 The official opening of the new Bowling Green at Hinckley on 27th May 1911. Mrs. Cholerton had bowled the first Jack as part of the opening ceremony and Mr. Pettigrew here concludes the proceedings by presenting the silver Jack to her.

72 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Sunday School Festival in Castle Street on 21st Iuly

1 906. In the centre of the shops can be seen 'Clarke's Househeld Stores' . which still flourishes and is known affectionately as 'Party Clarke's' because of the range and quality of its ceramics.

73 A photograph ofLondon Road in 1927 looking towards Hinckley before Forest Road was built. The parapet of the railway bridge can be seen on the left. The entrance to Forest Road was formed at the lamppast where the matorcyde is parked.

74- A superb photograph of the junetion of Grimms Lane (now New Buildings) and Stoekwell Head in 1900. The Wesleyan Chapel- see photograph 65 - dominates the scene, but a study of the pedestrians thronging the footpath and raad is well worthwhile. The familiar rounded corner of Wood Street ean be seen on the right. The railings enclose a building whieh can't be seen, but whieh was onee a drill hall, then a skating rink and later on the Palladium Cinema, Unit Sales, a D.I.Y. shop, and then an indoor market. The site is eurrently being redeveloped.

7 S The visit of General Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, to Hinckley on 8thAugust 1905.The photograph is taken in Market Place, with what is now Barclays Bank in the background. As the white-bearded General Booth descends the steps a banner in Castle Street refleets the view that many people held then about General Booth and the Salvation Army and still hold: 'God BlessYou General,'

76 J. Edwards' garage in Regent Street in 192 5. Photograph 5 shows the precise 10cation of this building at the corner of Horsefair and Regent Street. Left to right:

George Tomlin, Jackie WeHs

and his san Charlie Wells. Albert Bennett in the white coat, Mr. Lines, Soloman Bannister Edwards, the founder of the firm, sitting in the cart. He had two sans, [ohn and William, and a daughter

Louise. john had three sans, Jack, Arthur and Frank, who were responsible for the development ofthe Edwards' Centre which now stands on the site shown by this photograph.

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