Hoo Hundred in old picture postcards

Hoo Hundred in old picture postcards

:   D.S. Worsdale
:   Kent
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4858-0
:   80
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69. H.M.S. 'Hindustan' with others of her class were virtually 'at Station' in the mouth of the River Medway and within sight of the people of Grain during the years 1916, 1917 and 1918. They were on stand-by. There were eight ships in the King Edward class and as a class became known as the 'wobbly' eight because of a steering fault. 'Hindustan', like the others had a complement of 777 men and a displacement of 16, 350 tons and at 453 feet long must have looked enormous at her mooring. She was built in Clydebankin 1905.

'pnor on the /lledway.

70. This postcard is dated 1905 and stamped 'Lower Upnor', The debris on the foreshore indicates the near presence of the Royal Dockyard, just across the river. The shop has only recently been changed to a restaurant, the red brick cottages have also suffered some changes and the tall, white building, the 'Ship' has been turned into a modern public house. The 'Pier Hotel' has been rebuilt several yards back into its site. One of the cottages to the far left might have been the home of the Pocock brothers. A descendent of their family remembers being shown a cottage by the river and being told of its conneetion with her famous forebears.

71. This is the 'Rose and Crown' standing opposite All Saints' Church, Allhallows. Much earlier the 'Rose and Crown' was known as "The Ship' and in 1739 it became 'The Tower of London', Throughout its life it has been associated with tales and talk of smuggling. The large building in the distance is Allhallows Place and is fameus for its ghost story as recalled by the Reverend Hammond in his "The Story of an outpost Parish' in 1927.



CopyriCht Frlth Ltd.

72. The 'Pilot' was built in the hope of meeting increasing business when the railway line finally came to Allhallows in 1932. Between the open countryside and the sea lies Yantlet Creek. The doubledecker 'bus and the 10-horse power Morris car beside it are of 1930's vintage.

73. A steam traction engine is seen here delivering beer to the 'Bridge Tavern' in Church Street, Hoo Saint Werburgh. The engine has the registration number KN 2017. With the Invicta insignia on the smoke box door this is a piece of machinery made by A veling and Porter of Rochester. On close inspeetion the great chain which conveyed the drive to the back axle can be seen. The solid rubber tyres gave a very bumpy ride. Thomas Aveling lived in Hoo Saint Werburgh and is buried beside his mother in Saint Werburgh's churchyard only a few yards further on.

74. This is the 'Red Dog' at High Halstow in the late 1920's. It was owned by The Peoples' Refreshment House Association and managed by Mr. Bertie Welch. It has been added to and altered at least three times since the picture was taken.

75. The 'Red Dog' at High Halstow is in the background. As the summer season approached Allhallows began to prepare for the expected influx of visitors. Here is a group of donkeys, taking a break at the 'Red Dog' on their way from winter quarters to the beach. Standing in between the two handiers is Mr. Bertie Welch, mine host, and his wife stands in the doorway.

76. MI. Elford, the butcher, brought the meat in this horse-drawn cart you see here. Two horses were necessary in order to negotiate the two steep hills between Cliffe and High Halstow. It is surprising but the sign on the side of lis cart advertises 'Oxade Ginger Beer'. As to where he stands with his horses and cart is not exactly known but it is likely to be near the 'Red Dog', High Halstow.

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