Hythe in old picture postcards

Hythe in old picture postcards

:   Tony Pritchard
:   Hampshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2102-6
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. A hive of activity - the Pier Toll. On the right is the ticket office. This picture, before the electrified railway, shows in the background the handcarts which were used for the conveyance of luggage and goods.

10. The taxi cabs of 1900.

11. Southampton Docks in the background as the 'Hampton' heads for Hythe Pier.

y e Ran 5, fram Uie P.er.

12. Alighting from the Ferry Midway along the Pier. The date is between 1909 and 1922 by virtue of the railway tracks on the north side of the Pier.

13. Overlooking the Pier - the 'Drum mond Arrns Hotel'.

14. The 'Drumrnond Arms' as photographed by one of our most aetive Ioeal photographers. Mr. RW. Mudge of FawIey. Just across the street is another hostelry, "The Anehor and Hope'.

15. To the left is Hythe High Street, ahead Pylewell Road, which was at one time Chapel Street after the Congregational Chapel. Outside 'The Anchor and Hope' in this picture of the early 1930's a carnival group is gathering. The first building past "The Anchor and Hope', with its doorway at an angle, was at this time the Post Office.

16. Looking south along the High Street, by local postcard producer F. Copeland, and yet a third hostelry, 'The Lord Nelson', all three no more than sixty meters apart. Two are still in business today, one, 'The Anchor and Hope', is now a Boutique. In the misty distance, behind the high black wall, was a large house called the 'Villa Amalphia' and in later years Knightons. The house is now gone. The site has a Supermarket and several smaller shops on it.

17. Looking north along the High Street, about 1912, with the 'Drummond Arms' in the distance. A very fine early car is parked by C. Bedford's yard. Mr. Bedford who apart from his publicised skills is reputed to have made corac1es for local fishermen. The shop on the right before Mr. Bedford's yard was the Hythe Penny Bazaar, also selling Toilet and Fancy goods. The shop behind the car was Moores General Store and next to him the butcher appears to be lowering his sun blind. Opposite the car is the Barber's Pole.

18. T.J. Smith of Hythe. The shop was previously Moores. In the heading above the shop window is 'T.J. Srnith from Edwin Jones & Co. Ltd.', a large Southampton Department Store, 'All goods at Southampton prices', The people in the picture are most likely to be Mr. Smith, his assistant, the delivery boy and two lady assistants who managed the drapery section.

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