Hythe in old picture postcards

Hythe in old picture postcards

:   Tony Pritchard
:   Hampshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2102-6
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. Hythe High Street showing the vehicles of the thirties and torties.

20. 'The Lord Nelson' sporting a new sign,

21. Mr. Taylor Hythe, Mr. Taylor, Baker and Grocer, was on the corner where the High Street turned to face St. John's Street. Today a bakery, still known as Taylor's Bakery, occupies the left end of the building, doorway and window, the rest being a gents clothier.

22. On from Mr. Taylor's to St. John's Street and the junction where the High Street, St. John's and the Marsh meet. The Marsh so named because at one time it was a marsh, As late as the 1960's flooding occured in The Marsh, the High Street and Prospect Place. An important piece of equipment to the High Street shop owner was a sandbag to hold back flood water.

- - -

23. Oatley's in the 1890's. The pillared doorway on the left of this picture is the doorway on the left of the previous picture. The shape of the building was changed, the front facing us becoming the side, the front of the new building - the Bank - being in The Marsh.

24. St. John's Street enters The Marsh from the south, being the road opposite in this picture. The Bank is the building with the timbered upper story and rounded corner wall. This picture is from the early 1900's.

25. A similar view to the one previous, but some years later. It did not appear to be too important where a cyclist rode in these days, one would be ill advised to do it today. The shop on the right hand side had previously been the Village Hall.

26. Having turned about with The Bank bebind us. Pylewell Cottages, Pylewell Road, are in front of us. On the left, having its window cleaned, the Village Hall. This view is from the early 1900's.

27. In The Marsh a very fine early car, before 1903 as there is no registration number. A dog rides guard on the box at the side. At the back of the car, behind the brick wall, was a wood yard, which later became the Marsh Garage.

28. The Marsh Garage looking towards Py1ewell Cottages. This view is about the 1950's.

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