Keynsham in old picture postcards

Keynsham in old picture postcards

:   Barbara J. Lowe and Members of Keynsham and Saltford Local History Society
:   Somerset
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2534-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. Keynsham by-pass now runs beneath the place where the roadsweeper brushes horse manure from Station Road in the early 1920's. Here, we look in the opposite direction to number 18. The houses to left and behind the wall on the right, were demolished to make way for the by-pass during 1961-1966.

20. On the left is the old shop in Station Road which was owned for many years by the Harvey family, It is reputed to have been the Home Farm (Pool or Mere Barton) of Keynsham Abbey. The building on the right displays bill-boards in February 1904. The headlines include: Daily Mail. Russians chase British Liner, The King and the Navy, Actress shot at, Death of Consul. Daily Express. The King and Peace, RussiaExpels Siberian Jews, Tragedy Jealousy, LP. Shoots Actress, Football Riot. Observer. Maryon to Reform, Some Westminster sketches, Deaf as a Post, The War latest. Bristol Assize Trials, Action by a Bath-Nurse. Daily Press. Rescue in Bristol Bound Ship, Thrilling Sea Experiences. The Russo-Japanese War, First Fight on Land, Port Arthur Siege Preparations, Liberalism in Thornbury Division, Speeches by Mr. Augustine Birrell, Keynsharn, Liberal Association Meeting Drill Hall Keynsham, Monday next February 22nd 1904, Athelstan Rendell Esq., W.H.P. Hope Esq., Rev. W. Mann, Mr. G.P. Capie.

21. The chocolate factory of J.S. Fry and Sons is seen here under construction (1921-1932) on the site of 230 acres shown top right in picture number 2. Fry's was founded in 1728, became a registered private company in 1896, and in 1919 the financial interests of Fry's and Cadbury Brothers Limited were merged. The entire business was transferred from Bristol to Keynsham in 1921. In 1936 Fry's became part of Cadbury's although the two firms continued to trade independently until reorganisation in 1968 when they became Cadbury Brothers Limited. In 1969 Cadbury Schweppes Limited was formed. It was a sad day in 1982 when the old illuminated 'Fry' sign on the factory was replaced by a 'Cadbury' one.

22. Keynsham Station is seen here as it was in 1919 with an old steam train travelling from Bristol to Bath. After the coming of Fry's, the Station was known as 'Keynsham and Somerdale'. The station was closed down in 1970, the buildings and the footbridge being pulled down. Several trains a day still stop at Keynsham but there is no ticket office.

23. This shows the old pathway from Avon Milllane to Keynsham Railway Station, which crossed the Rivet Chew on the little wooden bridge shown in pietures 24 and 25. The signal box can be seen top right.

24. This charrning photograph was taken on the wooden bridge across the River Chew. The bridge was swept away in the floods of 10th July 1968.

25. Behind the wooden bridge, Brunel's Railway bridge ean be seen carrying the main Brrstol te Londen line across the River Chew.

26. This view of Keynsham Weir was taken when the River Avon was in nood in 1908. The confluence of the Rivers Chew and Avon was to the right of the thirteenth century humped bridge. An oid steam roller is about to cross the bridge and follow the causeway past the 'White Hart' Inn (left) and the wheelright's shop (left of centre). Monmouth's army carnped here in June 1685.

27. This shows the side view of the humped bridge in picture 26. The bridge bad a large stone seat, or statue niche, built into the top of the centre areh, to mark the boundary between Somersetshire and Gloucestershire. The stone (see picture 28) was affectionately known as the 'Abbot's Chair", and indeed, it probably did eome from the ruined Abbey because, in 1559, Thomas Bridges bequeathed as much stone of the late Abbey Chureh as was necessary for the repair of the bridge and causeway. Unfortunately, the bridge was swept away in the floods of 10th July 1968, and Local Government Reorganisation in 1974 placed North Somersetshire and South Gloueestershire in a new county, Avon, A new bridge, on a different alignment, bas been built and the course of the River Avon altered.

28. A local resident, Mrs. Nan Benfield, seen here as a ehild sitting in the 'Abbot's Chair'. Children used to sit in the 'ehair' and say: - 'Me left foot's in Gloucester and me right foot's in Somerset and I'm in jolly good company.'

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