Limpsfield in old picture postcards

Limpsfield in old picture postcards

:   Roger Packham
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5490-1
:   80
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î732 Limpsfield. Surre?

39. Returning from the Lord Rodney to the High Street, this view by the North London publisher Gordon Smith shows the southern end of the High Street in about 1907 with the inn sign on the right. A milk churn can be seen in the delivery vehicle nearest to the camera.

40. J.B. Lock's postcard shows the view from the High Street, looking towards the juncti on with Pebble Hill in about 1906 and was printed in Treves. The building in the centre of the photograph is the Plumber's Arms, which has long been demalished for raad widening.

41. Miss Webster's postcard has captured the Plumber's Arms in about 1912 with the Westerham Road (A2S) running across the centre of the photograph. The advertisement on the wall above the inn's doorway is for Three Counties Scotch Whisky.

42. Some young fellows pose for the camera in front of the Golf Club House on J. Brasier's postcard of about 1907, which was produced by the Frith company. At this time the honorary secretary of the club was Reverend F. W. Parsons .

43. The Limpsfield Chart Golf Club House is shown here on H.E. Brockes' postcard of about 1911. The photographer was standing on the cricket field looking across the Westerham Road to the club house and neighbouring buildings which are now largely concealed by trees.

44. The National School, which still faces outwards towards the busy Westerham Road (A2S), was built in 1871 for two hundred children. It is featured here in a postcard by H.E. Brockes of Oxted as it appeared in 1911, when the master was Edwin Rollston, who oecupied the house on the left. Miss Lizzie Lemon was the infants' mistress.

The Schools. Limpsfield.

45. Another view of the schools was published in the S. & W. Series, in colour, in about 1908. The western side of the school house of the present Limpsfield Church of England First School is rarely seen now because of tall hedges and fruit trees.

Bowling l.>reen, t.rmpstrerc.

46. This S. & W. Series postcard of The Bowling Green was printed in Belgium in about 1908. The photographer has his back to the school buildings and is looking north across the field used by Limpsfield Cricket Club, towards the British Legion building.

47. The British Legion buildings are again in evidence on this Francis Frith & Son postcard, whieh was published in 1926, and in front of them ean be seen the memorial to the Limpsfield men who died in the First World War. The memorial was restored in 1992.

48. A quiet Westerham Road is shown here, looking west, at the top of Pebble Hill in an S. & W. postcard of about 1910. The row of Pebble Hill cottages dates from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the last ofwhich was called the New Inn in 1832.

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