Limpsfield in old picture postcards

Limpsfield in old picture postcards

:   Roger Packham
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5490-1
:   80
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69. Limpsfield Chart is shown here on aSteer & Burley postcard which was sent from Briar's Cross in about 1912. The post office is the building in the centre of the photograph and the building on the right is The Carpenter's Arms.

70. Miss Kate Burley and Miss Lilia Steer published this fine view of their own post office and grocer's shop on a coloured postcard which was posted from The Chart post office in 1910. Perhaps it is Miss Steer in the doorway, taking a break from her duties as sub-postmistress.

71. Miss Steer and Miss Burley published a later postcard of their post office and grocer's shop in a photographic series which was posted from The Chart in 1913. The building is now a private house behind The Carpenter's Arms and has had dormer windows inserted in the roof.

72. Another Steer & Burley Photo Series postcard shows the Chart Cottages and the windmill in about 1912. The cottages are now known as Windmill Cottages or 16-21 Tally Road and are situated next to the car park for the Carpenter's Arms.

73. S. & W. produced this view of the derelict windmill and the seventeenth century Mill House in about 1912. Arthur Keen, a Limpsfield historian, considered it a fine oid windmill but it was demolished by the 1930s. The Mill House remains in Tally Road although the grass triangle has been removed.

74. Around the corner from the Mill House in Stoneleigh Raad, some local children and mothers make a fine study on aSteer & Burley postcard which was sent in 1913. The cottages now have modern porches and are known as Appletree Cottage and Whitemare Cottage.

75. The Carpenter's Arms is still a popular public house on Limpsfield Chart and it is shown here on a postcard view of about 1913, when the landlord was Arthur Robert Jarrett. The rustic wooden canopy has been replaced by a more permanent tiled version and the little angular roof on the left-hand side has disappeared.

76. Stephen Crane of The Chart Stores, successor to the Misses Steer & Burley, published this Cambum-produced postcard of The Moat Farm in about 1932. The farm, which is situated at the east end of Itchingwood Common, dates from the fifteenth century and a great part of the moat has disappeared. In the background can be seen the Caxton Horne and the Charing Cross Home.

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