Lingfield in old picture postcards

Lingfield in old picture postcards

:   Roger Packham
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4795-8
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19. A horse may be seen on the right, staring into the Pond, with the village forge behind him in this postcard by Jupp posted in 1904 from the Colony, Lingfield. The blacksmith at this time was William Terry. The weather-boarded building on the left was for many years Farrance's grocers, drapers and wine merchants. Daniel Farrance was also the village postmaster .

20. This card was posted in 1935 and shows an Eldorado lee Cream salesman in the centre of the picture. To the right of the tall war memorial is a box belonging to the Lingfield District First Aid Society. The cottages on the opposite side of the raad are preceded by a large advertising poster which a passing cyclist safely ignores. The cottages on the left would have made a valuable addition to the conservation area.

21. Three Lingfield ladies stand in front of Gun Pond and Arthur Martin's studio in a postcard dated 1931. Hope Cottage stands to the right of the war memorial. The trees and long coats indicate a winter's day and the scene is remarkable for the absence of traffic and street furniture.

22. FoJlowing the destruction of the Great War, th is postcard features the Lingfield War Memorial. It is of Portland stone and was erected in 1920 at a cost of about ISOO. It consists of a base surmounted by an octagonal pillar bearing a Iantern with a perpetuallight.

23. This postcard was published by D.W. Farrance, grocer and general furnisher, Lingfield, in about 1905. Looking south-west, it is interesting to see the series of advertisements in front of the cottages beyond Gun Pond. Note the props around the cage which support the old aak tree.

24. The hedges and uneven fences of the Plaistow Street cottages are clearly shown in this view towards East Grinstead Road on a postcard dated 1915. The cottages have sadly been replaced by the modern development known as The Row. The buildings in the eentre of the photograph are on the corner of East Grinstead Road and have also been replaced. The only building which survives today can be seen to the left of the picture and is now known as Lion House.


Pub. by E. J. Sldl1l1er. Lil1rfldd.

25. The tile hung house in the centre is Magnus Deo as it appeared in about 1905. The house dates from the seventeenth century and possesses a large inglenook fireplace. Beyond Magnus Deo can be seen buildings whieh were onee Stanford's Corn Stores, now replaced by the modern parade of shops in East Grinstead Road. Note the milk churn vehicle at the extreme left.

26. An advertisement for Mazawattee Tea holds a prominent place on the wall of Farrance's Stores on this Jupp postcard which was posted in 1911. Both oak trees and the wooden railings have disappeared but the post office building on the right is easily recognisable. The building on the left is today's J. & K. Fine Foods and its window has been altered but retains the same outline. Beyond Farrance's Stores, the left-hand side of the High Street has little in common with the same view of today.

27. This postcard dates from about 1930 and shows the increase in traffic and traffic signs compared to many of the earlier views. The grocer's delivery van from East Grinstead is standing outside Castle's Stores (late Farrance's) and the postcard provides a glimpse of the north side of the High Street before re-development. The monkey puzzle tree competes with the telegraph pole to be the tallest object in the photograph.

28. Two boys waiting outside Lingfield post office on a summer's day are photographed for a postcard dated September, 1914. The post office is much the same today but the shop on the left-hand si de is now occupied by a ladies' hairdresser.

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