Lingfield in old picture postcards

Lingfield in old picture postcards

:   Roger Packham
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4795-8
:   80
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59. F. Frith & Co produced this view of Lingfield Railway Station and its staff in 1906. The London, Brighton and South Co ast Railway Company built the line from Croydon to East Grinstead in 1884 and the station at Lingfield had considerable influence on the development of the locality. At the time of the photograph, George Crittenden was station master.

~anway Stat;on.

60. This view of Lingfield Station was published by E.l. Skinner and this postcard was posted in 1905. The signal gantry has disappeared and the iron footbridge has been removed to the Bluebell Railway. Some smiling youths can just be seen behind the gate to the left.


61. This view of the station, looking north, is by an unidentified publisher and includes some interesting features which are no longer visible. These include the canopies on the central island platform, the sidings to the right of the picture and the gas lamp posts. Note the signal box beneath the footbridge.

62. Opposite Lingfield Station stands the impressive New Place and it is featured here in a postcard dated 1912. Unusually built of stone, the entrance porch bears the date 1617. At the time ofthe photograph New Place was lived in by Miss Hall F.L.S., F.Z.S.

63. Looking eastwards towards the racecourse, Town Hill is shown here at its junction with Church Road and Camden Road (right) on asummer's day in the 1920s. The house just visible is Fair Oaks (now a dentist) and a similar scene today would doubtless include local trafik travelling to and from Dormansland.

64. This is another 1920s view by B. & S. Enfield showing the entrance to the famous racecourse following the descent along Town Hill as shown in the previous photograph. It is a summer's day and there is still no threat to the pedestrians from motor vehicles.

65. Francis Frith published this postcard of Lingfield Racecourse in 1903 which shows the well-populated grandstands. The racecourse was established in 1890 and a straight mile course was laid out three years later. The Clerk of the Course in Edwardian times was Robert Fowler.

66. Another Frith postcard shows a typical scene on race day in 1903. The course boasted telegraph offices, several luncheon rooms, kitchens and stabling for over one hundred horses with dormitories for sta bie lads. The Earl of Durham and the Earl of Dudley were members of the committee of the Lingfield Park Club at this time.

1)e I'{a,e,ourse,

67. John Jupp's locally published postcard shows a race in progress and was posted to Ireland in 1909. At this time there were enclosures for carriages and motors and one for the Royal Automobile Club. In addition there were members and 'Tattersall's' stands and other stands for the public, press and trainers.

68. Stanhope Cottages are photographed in about 1910. The road leads back towards the racecourse which lies on the far side of the railway bridge. The cottages remain much the same today aIthough there are some new roof tiles in evidence to replace the original slate.

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